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Why Customer Service Matters NOW

by Meredith Bell

When the weather got really cold here in February, I went to my local department store to pick up some heavy socks. I noticed three salespeople standing together, talking with each other. None of them looked up from their conversation to ask if they could help me, so I approached them and asked where I could find women's socks.
Now with customer spending at a low point, you'd think these employees would have been happy to see me and might have been eager to show me what they had.
But that's not what happened.
What happened was that one of them pointed in the general direction of women's clothing, and then they resumed their conversation. I ended up hunting around for the socks, didn't see much of a selection and left. The store didn't get any money from me that day. And I was a shopper ready to buy.
As I left, I thought how things might have gone if those employees had taken a different approach.
One of them would have broken away from the group and greeted me in a friendly way while taking me directly to the right section. On the way she would have asked me what kind of socks I was looking for, along with questions that would uncover other clothing needs I might have. She would have made me feel welcome and important.
Too many business owners and store managers don't realize how much business they're losing simply because they aren't focused on making their customers feel VALUED.

So here's the speed tip for this issue.
Find as many ways as you can to give extra attention to the people you serve, whether it's your customers and clients, co-workers on your team, or people in another department.
If your organization is being affected by the economy, you MUST look for ways to reach out to clients and customers so you can make their experience as satisfying as possible.
I still remember the motto that Disney parks adopted decades ago:
"Do what you do so well that when people see you do it, they'll want to tell their friends and come back to see you do it again."

What can you do that will be so memorable that customers can't wait to tell their friends about it?
The most powerful way to make more sales is to consistently delight and surprise customers with unexpected levels of service.
If you're not getting a steady stream of referrals from existing customers and clients, start today to make that happen. I guarantee that you'll see a big difference in your sales.
And by the way, if you're not sure what your customers need and want from your business, I recommend you conduct a survey to find out.
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Copyright © 2009 Meredith M. Bell
Meredith Bell is president of Performance Support Systems. Millions of participants worldwide have used 20/20 Insight, an onsite survey and development system that helps people become stronger for life and work. More free articles and videos at or