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DiSC® Profiles - In House DiSC® Training & Consultation Programs

In-house training involves bringing our trainer to your location of choice to deliver a customized training program for your employees. The group may consist of employees who work together in teams, or who work in various company locations across the country, or across the globe.

Our Master Trainers and consultants have the knowledge, experience, and resources to help you align DiSC training with your organization's strategy. We've developed a series of DiSC seminars that use the Inscape DiSC model as a foundation for specific areas such as management, sales, teambuilding, and more.

We work with organizations of all sizes - from large Fortune 500 companies to small entrepreneurial enterprises - to empower their people to drive business strategies and innovation. Our relationship continues after your training through ongoing coaching, free phone support, and learning opportunities for our clients.

Click the links below to learn about some of the in-house DiSC training programs we offer.

Building Effective Relationships With Everything DiSC Workplace
Training participants will learn to understand and appreciate the styles of the people they work with to build more effective and productive working relationships.

DiSC Teambuilding Training
Participants will learn the DiSC model to foster teamwork and minimize conflict, helping to build productive teams.

DiSC Training for Managers
Participants learn how to read the styles of the people they manage. The result is managers who adapt their styles to manage more effectively.

DiSC Training for Sales
Increase sales effectiveness using the power of DiSC.

DiSC Training for Leaders
Helps leaders understand their leadership behaviors.

DiSC Training for Managing Conflict & Resistance
Managers will learn to recognize the fears and goals of their employees, and identify strategies for improving communication with each DiSC style.

DiSC Training for Improving Communication
This DiSC program helps participants learn to adapt their communication to different DiSC styles to build a culture of collaboration.

DiSC Certification
During this comprehensive training you'll learn the DiSC model and effective delivery techniques you can utilize in your own DiSC training and coaching sessions.

DiSC Conference Presentation
Participants will learn how the DiSC Personality Profile can help them become more effective in working with others.

To schedule an on-site DiSC training seminar or certification at your location, call 800.278.1292, complete our online form, or email

Virtual DiSC Training & Consulting

Our DiSC training and consulting offerings aren't limited to the classroom. If your organization prefers or requires virtual delivery, we'll work with you to ensure a seamless presentation for all of your training participants.

Additional In-House Training Seminars & Consulting Services

Our areas of expertise extend beyond DiSC. We're known for our comprehensive solutions to business issues including creativity and innovation, team building, customer service, and more.

Edward de Bono Creativity & Innovation Training

Innovation Strategy Consulting

Customer Service and Sales

Leadership and Management Development

Professional Growth Skills

Team Building & Team Innovation

Presentation Skills 


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