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Testimonials » Manufacturing

3M, St. Paul

Comments from past participants of LATERAL THINKING, offered quarterly at 3M's Headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, plus other sites around the world:

Kim J. "Barb is a very professional, high-energy consultant who has worked with 3M for the last 8 years. Her expertise in facilitation and consulting makes her one of the most effective trainers within 3M.”

John S. "Well-run class with lots of energy. I learned how to better facilitate the creative process and to get measurable results."

Heather K. "Great course! Very useful and fun. I learned a new process to harvest ideas for improving products/processes and generating new product ideas."

Beth F. "Fantastic instructor (even if she does cheer for the Iowa Hawkeyes!) I learned how to facilitate idea sessions and to better understand my natural strengths as a member of an innovation team."

Dan H. "Useful tools to bring about a different thought process. Timely, kept groups focused and moving. Good use of visual aids--tapes, handouts, job aids for reinforcement, etc."

Comments from past participants of SIX THINKING HATS, offered quarterly at 3M's Headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, plus other sites around the world:

"Great! Great! Great! This course gives me a productivity boost . . . allows for more productive meetings and effective presentations."

"The methods will provide results much quicker because of the systematic focus. Excellent course."

"Excellent course for better faciliation of meetings, terrific instructor . . . quite knowledgeable."

"I recommend this course be mandated by the Division. Great for problem-solving. Excellent."


We hope you will remember the Business Process Reengineering Team from Honeywell because you certainly made an impression on us. Six Thinking Hats has become part of our team psyche and we take the work out into our organization.

Using the Six Hats method we have worked through many emotion issues, and in conjuction with brainstorming techniques, have come to consensus on many issues thought to be unresolvable. We use the "Hat method" even when we're not discussing specifics. This training has made our task, which is very challenging, a little less overwhelming.


Pella Corporation

I have such trust in your competence. We always look forward to seeing you. Thanks again for your conscientious preparation.

Texas Instruments

Great Class! Powerful. It can be used in virtually every aspect of my life and job!

Very stimulating. I am eager to use the tools. 

Excellent facilitation and instruction. 

A very good class that needs to be available at all levels of the organization. 

Barbara was outstanding - one of the best trainers I have experienced! 

It was amazing to see the many ideas that were developed as a result of the positive interaction among group members.

Comments from participants in Six Thinking Hats