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Testimonials » Banking & Financial

American Express Global Corporate Services

I must tell you that your services have been the best I have experienced in a very long time . . . and I have been in customer service for over 25 years . . . so I know!

Linda was outstanding and provided me with extremely valuable guidance and information.  I feel confident now and am excited about my upcoming staff meeting and applying the DiSC info and concepts with my team.  Thank you so much for your assistance and follow up.

Susan Rutan
Director, Account Development

Bankers Trust


Just a quick note to let you know that I have enjoyed using the six hats model for lateral thinking in a couple group meetings and for my own personal thought. I was so moved by the concept that I also bought de Bono's book de Bono's Thinking Course to further study the concept. 

David Arens
Vice President

Iowa Credit Union League

I thought you did a terrific job at the Chapter Leaders program and we got excellent comments, including several in telephone calls the following week. The people who take the time to call after a program are the ones who really take the instruction to heart I think.

As always, it was a pleasure working with you. You have an excellent grasp of the needs of our audiences and I really appreciate that.

Judy Corcoran
Director of Communications