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Team Building

1. Train your team to understand themselves and others.

Successful team members don't do the same thing at the same time. They do the right thing at the right time. A clear understanding of individual roles, in the process of working together toward a common goal, is the first step to creating cohesive, high performance teams.

Let team members understand their natural contribution to the innovation process by introducing them to the Team Dimensions Profile®. This profile uses the "Z Process" to map the flow of assigning roles, completing tasks, then handing off to the next person on the team. Using the "Z Process," new teams will move forward quickly and current teams will get unstuck.

Additional learning solutions for Teams include the following assessment tools: 

For more information or pricing on this or any of the suggested Inscape Publishing profiles, call 800-278-1292 or visit our online store.

2. Train your team to be more innovative.Edward de Bono circle 

Is your team naturally creative and able to generate ideas easily? Or would your team benefit from having a toolkit of 23 techniques for when they need to generate breakthrough ideas? Check out our 3 courses by Dr. Edward de Bono

    A. Six Thinking Hats®
    B. Lateral Thinking
    C. DATT

How do you take these courses? 

  • Enroll in a public seminar. See course schedule
  • Schedule an in-house seminar at your location. Call 800-278-1292 or e-mail us.     
  • Certify your in-house trainer to deliver the training onsite. If you have 5 or more trainers to be certified, we will conduct the train-the-trainer certification course at your location. If you have fewer than 5 people to be certified, check the schedule for the next public certification course.      
  • To learn more about each course, schedule an overview of these courses for your organization, using videoconferencing or an in-house session. Call 515-278-1292.

3. Read books on teambuilding.

You can learn more about team building by reading any of the books listed in our Recommended Books Section.

Click here for articles on creativity and innovation.

4. Obtain the services of a Certified Facilitator.

Do you have an upcoming meeting or project where you need the services of an outside facilitator? An outside facilitator will enable the team leader to fully participate in the meeting without the need to concentrate on leading the meeting. A certified facilitator has experience in using all our meeting techniques. Your team will be focused, productive, and innovative. We have experienced facilitators in 35 countries and 18 languages. 

Contact us at 800-278-1292 if you need the name of a certified facilitator near you.