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Phone Coaching
 Phone Coaching


One-on-One Phone Coaching

Customized, Individual Coaching for Trainers, Consultants, Coaches, and HR Professionals.

Let our Master Trainers with 20+ years of experience in the industry help you enhance your knowledge and skills regarding DiSC® and other Inscape Publishing® learning assessments.

Whether you are a first-time user of our learning assessments and need to learn how to interpret your results, or a certified trainer looking for additional activities to use in your sessions, our Master Trainers will give you the information and confidence you need to achieve your organization’s learning objectives.

Our personalized phone coaching sessions are customized to address your specific organizational objectives. One-on-one phone coaching will provide you with the assistance you need to design an effective training program, and will strengthen your investment in learning assessments.

Phone Coaching Features & Benefits

  • Individualized feedback will provide you with a professional opinion about the best way to achieve your training goals. As a result, you will understand which assessments to purchase in order to deliver the best learning for your organization.
  • Our Master Trainers will provide a friendly sounding board for your training ideas, which will ensure you are using the most effective exercises for your training. The advice you receive will enhance learning so participants walk away with a stronger ability to continue using your methods in everyday life.
  • Our experienced trainers will coach you during and after your purchase of learning assessments to make sure you use them most effectively. Your manager will be confident spending training dollars with us knowing that you are obtaining the best learning assessments for your money.
  • Following the call, we guarantee you will feel excited about integrating our learning assessments into your organization, and will have the information necessary to carry out your next steps.
Resources Unlimited Phone Coaching

Examples of How our Clients Have Utilized Phone Coaching

1) A client recently wrote: “I am having my first class tomorrow and will be presenting the "Discover Four Styles of Behavior" module. I remember in the DiSC® Certification I attended, you did a particular exercise, but I don't remember exactly how to set it up. Any chance you could refresh my memory?”

A master trainer explained how to set up this specific exercise from the DiSC Certification, opened up discussion regarding the training outline, and recommended additional exercises.

2) A client wanted to do a DiSC one-day session for a group of sales people, wondered which reports to use, and whether they could incorporate a DiSC group report.

Our trainer discussed the specific outcomes the client wished to achieve, recommended specific sales-focused DiSC reports, exercises, and reinforcement options.

3) A client had only 2 hours to present a DiSC session and wanted to know how to plan their event.

The trainer helped them design a course outline, suggested the best materials, and discussed online courses that would help make the most of their short training time.

4) A client wrote: “I was trained in DiSC years ago at my previous company. I think it is a valuable tool and would like to bring it to my current company. Can I do that? I would not want to propose purchasing something to my Director unless I know I can train it and do not need a refresher course.”

Our trainer helped determine their goals and discussed the best tools for their current needs. The trainer suggested training tools and products to acquaint them with the newest and best DiSC-solutions, released since they attended certification.

Whatever your needs, we are here to help. We are eager to provide highly-qualified advice and support about our paper and online learning assessments, training and facilitation services, and certification programs. We are happy to save you time and money.

Questions? Call Resources Unlimited at 800.278.1292 or email us

"Linda was outstanding and provided me with extremely valuable guidance and information. I feel confident now and am excited about my upcoming staff meeting and applying the DiSC info and concepts with my team. Thank you so much for your assistance and follow up."

Susan Rutan, Director, Account Development
American Express Global Corporate Services


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