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DiSC Classic Video on DVD
DiSC Classic DVD
 DiSC Classic Video on DVD


Everything DiSC® Facilitation System - DVD Only

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Customize Every Seminar With True DVD Technology
The Everything DiSC® DVD (D-588) is menu-based and offers multiple viewing options for each of its four sections: Pure Styles, The Meeting, Effective Communication, and Natural Styles.

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If you cannot view the videos due to a firewall, we can ship you a DVD sample for the price of shipping ($7.50).  Call 800.278.1292 to order.

Pure Styles

This section features four characters who represent the purest form of each of the four DiSC styles. Each person is shown in five separate segments where they describe themselves (and ultimately their styles) by giving an overview of their behaviors and describing basic aspects of themselves:

  • Introduction
  • Goals
  • Fears
  • Preferred Environment
  • In Conflict

The Pure Styles section can be viewed in several different ways to best meet your training objectives and the needs of your audience. It can be viewed by character if you'd like your audience to get a lot of information about a particular DiSC style or styles. It can be viewed by segment if you'd like to provide a comparison of the styles. Or you can take an a la carte approach — choosing any segment of any character and playing it individually.

The Meeting
This section consists of six independent scenes showing a team in conflict, a manager meeting with individual team members to work through the conflict, and a more effective team meeting as a result. This section is particularly effective for helping managers to recognize the needs of their employees and discover how to manage each style.

Effective Communication
This section features communication between peers. The scenario is an HR manager recruiting sales people for a new division. He meets with four sales managers representing each of the DiSC styles. You'll see two interactions, one ineffective and one effective, between the HR manager and each sales manager. The interactions are successful or unsuccessful based on the degree to which he tailors his communication style to the needs of each person.

Natural Styles
The Natural Styles section illustrates the complexity of the styles as they appear in the real world. It allows participants to understand and appreciate the subtlety of behavior and human interaction. In this section, people of all four DiSC styles give informal, unscripted responses to eight questions. You'll also see an unscripted conversation between two opposite styles and a people-reading exercise.

Comprehensive Viewing Manual Included
Along with your Everything DiSC DVD, you'll receive a comprehensive 34-page Viewing Manual. The manual provides an overview of the video content and step-by-step facilitation suggestions for each section. You'll learn how to use the video segments in a variety of classroom exercises, including the following:

  • Setting learning objectives for a seminar
  • Introducing participants to the DiSC styles
  • Helping participants read the DiSC styles of others

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We invite you to learn about the full Everything DiSC Facilitation System with DVD.

Everything DiSC Streaming Video - NEW!

Now you can use Everything DiSC Classic Video in your virtual DiSC training sessions! When you purchase the Everything DiSC Classic Video on DVD, you have the option to subscribe to our DiSC Video Streaming Service, which provides optimal virtual video access, branded with your own company logo.

Everything DiSC Application Library

Everything DiSC Classic is just one of the Everything DiSC products in the Everything DiSC Application Library from Inscape Publishing. Click to learn about the full line of Everything DiSC Profiles and Faciltiation Systems.


Everything DiSC® is a registered trademark of Inscape Publishing, Inc.

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