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EPIC Credits for EPIC Accounts
EPIC Credits for EPIC Accounts
 EPIC Credits for EPIC Accounts


EPIC Credits

EPIC credits are a digital currency used to purchase and send online DiSC personality profiles. The credits are used in conjunction with EPIC, the Electronic Profile Information Center, which is a highly versatile digital dashboard for administering an organization’s DiSC program.

To get started, a DiSC distributor first creates an EPIC account for the client. Next, the client purchases a certain quantity of EPIC credits. The exact amount depends on the required number of DiSC assessments.

Once the EPIC administrator buys the credits, they are immediately loaded into his or her account. This is a quick process that takes only five minutes or so. At this point, the administrator then has full control over the profiles. S/he can send access codes to participants, generate an individual DiSC profile, create a Comparison Report between any two people, or run a Group Report or Facilitator Report for entire teams. The administrator can also use EPIC to send reminder emails, re-issue access codes, schedule periodic reminders if the participant hasn’t taken the profile by a certain date, etc.

EPIC credits are the currency that enables all of this. Some of these reports are free of charge - for instance, the free Comparison Report gives detailed on how Person A can work more effectively with Person B, and how Person B can work more effectively with Person A.

Other reports are priced in credits. The popular Everything DiSC Workplace profile, for instance, costs 15 EPIC credits; other assessments and reports cost 10-20 credits, or occasionally more. EPIC will deduct the credits from your account as you run profiles and generate reports. When you start running low on credits, you simply call us at call 800.278.1292 or order them online. We'll replenish your supply of EPIC credits within 30 minutes of regular business hours.

In terms of cost, DiSC credits are available on a sliding scale, with volume discounts available for larger quantities: 1-49 EPIC Credits cost $4.55, 50-99 EPIC Credits cost $4.30, 100-249 credits cost $3.90, etc.

One nice feature of EPIC credits is that they never expire.We also offer an EPIC Line of Credit, which gives you 24/7 access to add EPIC Credits to your account up to an established credit limit. An EPIC Line of Credit is a complimentary service from Resources Unlimited. We simply keep a credit card on file to charge after each purchase. With an EPIC line of credit, you can replenish your EPIC credits instantly, anytime, even during evenings or weekends when our office is closed. This is particularly handy feature for large corporations with employees in multiple times zones, or even across the world, who don't want their ability to buy EPIC credits limited to U.S. business hours.

EPIC Credits EPIC Credit Prices
1-49 $4.55
50-99 $4.30
100-249 $3.90
250-499 $3.80
500-999 $3.60
1,000+ $3.30
 Call for corporate pricing

EPIC Credit Calculator
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EPIC Credits for your EPIC Account never expire.
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DiSC: Everything DiSC Online Profiles



Workplace Profile 15
Management Profile 25
Sales Profile 25
Work of Leaders 25
WOL Group Report  25
WOL Facilitator Report  25
363 for Leaders 50
Group Report 25
Facilitator Report 25
Comparison Report FREE
Supplemental Report FREE
Sales Interaction Map   FREE 
Group Poster 24”x36” FREE
Team View FREE

DiSC: DiSC Classic Online Profiles



Classic 2.0 10
Group Report 15
Facilitator Report 15
Team View FREE
General Characteristics 15
Classic 2.0 Translations Varies



Personal Listening 10
Team Dimensions 10
Time Mastery 10
Group Report 15
Facilitator Report 15

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View the # of EPIC Credits in your EPIC Account:

How Many EPIC Credits Do You Need?

View the # of EPIC Credits required to run EPIC profiles & reports in your EPIC Account.

Multiply the number of respondents by the number of EPIC Credits required to run your desired report(s).

EPIC Account Tutorials & EPIC User Guide

Join our FREE EPIC Account Tutorials, offered exclusively for Resources Unlimited EPIC Account and EPIC Credit clients.

Also view our EPIC Account User Guide to help you get started with your EPIC Account.

Need to Train a New EPIC Account Administrator?

Call 800.278.1292 for a free EPIC Account tutorial.

Don't Have Time to Send Access Codes in Your EPIC Account?

Our staff can send access codes, create group reports, and more within your EPIC Account whenever you're short on time. Learn about our EPIC Account Services or call 800.278.1292 to get started with your next EPIC Account project.

Corporate Rates on EPIC Credits

Make sure you're taking advantage of our quantity discount pricing by having all of your locations or divisions purchase EPIC Credits from Resources Unlimited. Call 800.278.1292 for more information.

EPIC Account Users - Get DiSC Certified

Learn about our DiSC Certification options, including 2-day DiSC Certifications in Minneapolis, Virtual DiSC Certifications, and on-site DiSC Certification.

Don't Have an EPIC Account?

Join the thousands of satisfied EPIC users today! Get a FREE EPIC Account with your first purchase (a $204 value). Learn about the benefits of having an EPIC Account and get started today!


EPIC Credits for EPIC Accounts from John Wiley & Sons, Inc..

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