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DiSC Role Behavior Analysis Paper Profile
Paper DiSC Role Behavior Analysis Profile
 DiSC Role Behavior Analysis Paper Profile


h1>DiSC Analysis

The DiSC® Role Behavior Analysis™ (RBA) is essential for interviewing.

The DiSC Role Behavioral Analysis helps you clarify behavioral expectations for a role before the interviewing process begins. If role clarification is not completed, it is likely there will be disagreement between interviewers about which candidate is the "best fit." 

We recommend using the Online DiSC Role Behavior Analysis with the DiSC General Characteristics Report. See our DiSC Hiring Reports Package.

DiSC Role Behavior Analysis - Determine How a Role or Function Can Be Performed Most Effectively 

Use the DiSC Role Behavior Analysis to determine how a role or function can be performed most effectively.
  • Define behavioral expectations for specific roles
  • Compare your DiSC behavioral style to role expectations
  • Develop strategies to meet role expectations

The DiSC Role Behavior Analysis provides specific DiSC behavioral statements for defining, clarifying, describing, and discussing expectations for specific roles. It uses the DiSC system to& define a role within a specified environment, and to to collect and process individual perceptions of how a role, function, job, or position should be fulfilled for anyone to achieve maximum effectiveness in that role, regardless of who is in that role.

"DiSC is progressing quite well and the DiSC reports are giving us great information. From a hiring standpoint, we have had success with the RBA's and matching applicants up with them. THIS has been a great tool!"

-Patrick Jacobo, Cacique

The DiSC Role Behavior Analysis is ideal for:

  • Supervisory and Management Coaching
  • Performance Review Support
  • Personal Development

The DiSC Role Behavior Analysis is a 12-page, self-scored, self-interpreted paper DiSC booklet. C-205

Save Money on Role Behavior Analysis Reports Using EPIC

The Role Behavior Analysis may also be generated electronically using your own EPIC Account.

EPIC is an easy-to-use web-based platform that allows you to assign access codes anytime of day or night to your participants for the Online DiSC Role Behavior Analysis and many other Inscape Publishing online learning assessments including the NEW Everything DiSC Workplace Profiles with unlimited free comparison reports.

DiSC Role Behavior Analysis Tutorial

Click to Watch the DiSC Role Behavior Analysis Overview Tutorial

DiSC Role Behavior Analysis Overview
Run Time: 15:14

This tutorial gives an overview of the DiSC Role Behavior Analysis applications including creating a consensus DiSC Role Behavior Analysis.


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