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DiSC Personal Development Profile
DiSC Personal Development Paper Profile
 DiSC Personal Development Profile


DiCS® Personal Development Profile® Phrase Version - A Simplified DiSC Profile

The DiSC® Personal Development Profile® (C-391), a shorter, less detailed DiSC profile than DiSC Classic, brings DiSC to a broader range of learners.

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DiSC Personal Development Profile

Use the DiSC Personal Development Profile to overcome barriers to DiSC learning and help even more people gain self-understanding and increased behavioral awareness for improved performance and better relationships.

  • The DiSC Personal Development Profile Uses easy-to-understand phrases instead of single words on the 28-question response page
  • The 10-page, self scored, self-interpreted DiSC Personal Development Profile paper booklet is written at a sixth-grade reading level, making it easier to read and understand
  • The DiSC Personal Development Profile includes a condensed version of the DiSC Classical Patterns, and does not contain the Intensity Index, allowing users to apply the DiSC concepts of in shorter DiSC sessions

The DiSC Personal Development Profile Teaches Learners To

  • Identify their DiSC Dimensions of Behavior
  • Capitalize on their strengths
  • Increase their appreciation of others
  • Anticipate and minimize potential conflicts with others

DiSC Personal Development Profile Research Report


Our biggest client, a large global construction company, exclusively uses the DiSC Personal Development Profile Phrase Version because it takes less time to administer than the DiSC Classic. They prefer the DiSC phrase response form and are able to quickly administer the streamlined DiSC profile to respondents in remote locations.


"Our company has been using DiSC for many years as an employee development tool. We have used other translations, but we have found that the DiSC Personal Development Profile is the most effective assessment with our personnel."


DiSC Classic vs. DiSC Personal Development Profile Phrase Version

The DiSC Personal Development Profile is a shorter version of the DiSC Classic Profile that takes less time to administer. Each DiSC profile has a set of 28 questions, but the DiSC Personal Development Profile uses phrases instead of single words.

Sample Questions From DiSC Classic and DiSC Personal Development Profile:

DiSC Classic DiSC Personal Development Profile


try not to attract attention
analyze things privately
don't depend on others
want to talk about how I feel

DiSC Personal Developement Profile Ordering

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We Accept Rush Orders

The DiSC Personal Development Profile is also available in French Canadian.  Call 515.278.1292 for ordering details.

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Personal Development Profile® is a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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