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DiSC Classic Group Culture Report
DiSC Classic Group Culture Report
 DiSC Classic Group Culture Report


h1>The DiSC® Classic Group Culture Report Will Help You Explore the Culture of Your Team

DiSC Classic Group Culture Report Sample

As a trainer, consultant, and DiSC® practitioner, you’re well aware that groups — just like individuals — tend to develop their own unique styles or cultures. Whether group members feel at home or like fish out of water, group culture has a large impact on their behavior, attitudes, and satisfaction.

Inscape developed the DiSC Classic Group Culture Report to help you explore the DiSC style — or culture — of a group. Once you know the culture — its characteristics, advantages, and drawbacks — you’re better prepared to open meaningful discussions with group members in a group setting or one-on-one.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the group culture? How does it affect members with other DiSC styles? Does it influence decision-making? Risk-taking? Only by discussing these types of issues is it possible to change or capitalize on group culture.

The DiSC Classic Group Culture Report is particularly useful for the following groups:

  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Team leaders
  • Organizational development professionals
  • Training and development professionals

If you’re familiar with EPIC and its various reports, you may be wondering how the DiSC Group Culture Report differs from the DiSC Classic Facilitator Report. The DiSC Classic Facilitator Report provides the data you’ll need to prepare for and work with a group. It includes a breakdown of group members by DiSC style and Classical Pattern distribution. You also get an overview of each style as it relates to group culture. Respondents’ names are included, providing a quick and easy way for facilitators to get to know group members.

The new DiSC Classic Group Culture Report was designed specifically for opening discussions on group culture. No respondent names are included, which assures anonymity and a safe jumping-off point for further exploration.

"I recently conducted a team-building session with a group of middle level managers and senior executives.  Using my EPIC account, I used the DiSC 2.0 narrative with the group.  Just before I printed the 30 profiles, I decided to add the new Group Culture Report, so I generated the report and inserted it into each of their profile packets.

The client was so impressed with the Group Culture Report that they ordered four more group reports on the spot to address different work teams within this larger group of 30.  My ability to follow-up with the client has also been enhanced, because I now have some specific questions to address with them as they start their new work year in August."

Mark Peterson, Ph.D.
The Change Doctor


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