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DiSC General Characteristics Report (PPSS on EPIC)
DiSC General Characteristics Report | PPSS
 DiSC General Characteristics Report (PPSS on EPIC)


DiSC® General Characteristics Report (PPSS on EPIC) From John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

The DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior model describes behavioral patterns in terms of four tendencies:

D- Dominance
i - Influence
S - Steadiness
C - Conscientiousness

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The DiSC® General Characteristics Report provides 15 pages of extensive, personalized interpretation of your DiSC Profile, including motivating factors, preferred environment, behavior in conflict, and strategies for increased effectiveness.

Supplemental DiSC "Plus"reports are also available if you have a specific area where you would like to provide in-depth understanding of a person’s style such as peer interactions, management development, or sales (available upon checkout).

The DiSC General Characteristics report helps employees at all levels better understand their own behavior, learn how and when to adapt their behavior, improve communication, reduce conflict, and enhance individual and team performance.

This core DiSC report gives valuable feedback on your natural approach to completing tasks and interacting with others in a given environment.

The DiSC General Characteristics Report Includes:

  • Behavioral Highlights
  • Behavioral Overview
  • Motivating Factors
  • Preferred Environment
  • Tends To Avoid
  • Strategies For Increased Effectiveness
  • Demotivating Factors
  • Behavior In Conflict Situations
  • Behavioral Tendency Continuum
  • Performance Worksheet

One DiSC General Characteristics Report is required per person.

Within 30 minutes of placing your order you will receive your DiSC General Characteristics Report access code(s) via email. The email will contain a link to the website where you will complete the DiSC response form.

The DiSC response form consists of 28 sets of words. You'll be asked to respond by choosing one word in each set that describes you the most and one word that describes you the least. This will take approximately 10 minutes.

Upon completion, our EPIC system will generate your personalized DiSC report, which you may view, print, download to your computer, or send via email.

Each DiSC General Characteristics Report access code may only be used once.

"My husband is eager to to have me complete the DiSC profile so he can better communicate with me. He actually told me more about himself last night than he has in 4 years, so thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!"

Add More In-Depth Information to Your DiSC General Characteristics Reports

Several optional reports are available that provide additional in-depth DiSC information. You'll have the option to add some or all of these DiSC reports to your DiSC General Characteristics order upon checkout.

DiSC Management Reports
Gain insight into how you may naturally approach managing or supervising others. Sub-sections include feedback in the following performance management areas: Communicating, Delegating, Directing People, Developing People, Decision Making, Managing Time, Problem-Solving, Motivating Others

You'll also learn how your supervisor or boss could more effectively manage you. Sub-sections include strategies in the following performance management areas: Developing, Motivating, Complimenting, Counseling, Problem-Solving, Delegating, Correcting, Decision-Making, and Communicating.

DiSC Sales Reports
These optional sales personality test reports describe how you would naturally tend to approach the selling process or influence others. Sub-sections include Planning, Opening the Call, Interviewing, Presenting, Responding to Concerns, Gaining Commitment, and Servicing After the Sale.

Your sales manager will also gain insights into managing you in a sales role. Sub-sections include strategies in the following performance management areas with a sales environment slant. Sub-sections include: Developing, Motivating, Giving Recognition, Coaching/Counseling, Communicating, Problem-Solving, Delegating, Decision Making.

DiSC Team Building
These optional reports offer additional information which describes how you naturally tend to interact with other people and situations. Sub-sections include: How I Tend to Communicate, How I Tend to Make Decisions, How I Tend to Manage Time, How I Tend to Solve Problems, How I Tend to Handle Stress.

A second report will help you learn to interact with others more effectively. Sub-sections include: Creating a Positive Climate for Interaction, How to Communicate with This Person, How to Compliment This Person, How to Deal with This Person in Conflict, and Understanding This Person's Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Styles.

DiSC Role Behavior Analysis
The RBA provides specific DiSC behavioral statements for defining, clarifying, describing, and discussing expectations for role behavior. It uses the DiSC system to collect and process perceptions of the behavioral expectations of “how” a job, position, or role needs to be fulfilled to achieve maximum effectiveness. These perceptions are based on the role, not the person in the role. The RBA focuses on “how” the role needs to be fulfilled regardless of who is in the role.


Which DiSC Profile Should You Use?

Call our DiSC experts at 800.278.1292. We're here to help you decide which DiSC profile is most appropriate for your DiSC training or coaching needs.


EPIC Credits

The DiSC General Characteristics Report is Available on EPIC
To setup an EPIC account that allows you to run the DiSC General Characteristics Report and over 45 other assessments and learning tools, please call 800.278.1292.

If you have an EPIC account, you already have access to the DiSC General Characteristics Report for 15 EPIC Credits.


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Helpful DiSC Articles

How to Review & Apply the DiSC General Characteristics Report

DiSC General Characteristics With Coaching
Read guidelines for applying content of the DiSC General Characteristics Report (PPSS on EPIC) to a coaching session.

The Typical Behavioral Styles that Define an Individual
Human behavior can be viewed in four areas: Dominance, influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness (a methodology known as DiSC). Understanding DiSC behaviors allows you to tailor your approach to a given person and a given situation.

DiSC General Characteristics Application Grid
The DiSC General Characteristics Application Grid describes each section of the DiSC General Characteristics Report (PPSS) and how to apply the information in Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Management, Supervisory Development, Team Development, and Coaching.

DiSC General Characteristics Training Modules
The DiSC General Characteristics training modules outline possible training formats for various topics using the DiSC General Characteristics Report (PPSS).


DiSC® is a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc..

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