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DiSC Classic Facilitator Report
DiSC Classic Facilitator Report
 DiSC Classic Facilitator Report


DiSC® Classic Facilitator Report

DiSC Classic Facilitator Report Sample

What might it be like for a "High I" working in an "S" culture?  A "High S" in a "D" culture?

The 18-page DiSC® Classic Facilitator Report helps you understand how the people in your group are affected — both positively and negatively — by the dominant group culture. The DiSC Facilitator Report provides a composite of your group's DiSC styles, allowing you to quickly and easily build customized group reports using data from DiSC Classic 2.0 or DiSC PPSS on EPIC.

The DiSC Classic Facilitator Report helps you identify the DiSC styles of both individual group members and the group itself.

Other key features of the DiSC Classic Facilitator Report include:

  • Group information by DiSC style
  • Information about classical patterns
  • Reference group data
  • Guidelines for responding to a group culture
  • Quick reference page

"Just a note to let you know much, we at OMI Associates, are appreciating the DiSC Classic Facilitator Report! We've used it with two groups of executives so far and find it's relevance, application and ease of use helpful. In particular, the user interface at the EPIC site is very intuitive and easy to use. And the report itself allows us to help groups to compare and contrast the different styles of group members, and to challenge them to consider the implications of their respective styles as they move toward more effective collaboration and team cohesion. Thanks for providing a valuable tool for our work!"

Patrick Scott

The DiSC Classic Facilitator Report Provides:

Breakdown by DiSC Quadrant shows the percentage of people who receive high, moderate, or low scores in each of the DiSC styles. Each quadrant also displays the percentage of people who received that style as their primary or secondary style.

DiSC Styles Distribution displays the percentage of people who received high, moderate, or low scores in each of the DiSC styles. This section also allows you to compare your group distribution in the four styles against the general population.

DiSC Classical Pattern Distribution lists the percentage of people who received each Classical Pattern. Population data is also provided as a point of reference.

DiSC and Group Culture provides an overview of each DiSC style as it relates to group. This section describes how you read your DiSC culture and helps facilitators understand the challenges and frustrations that individuals within that culture my face.

Individual Data Table lists each individual, his/her primary DiSC style(s), secondary DiSC style(s), Classical Pattern, and segment numbers. Names are organized by highest DiSC style.

For smaller groups, the end of the report contains a bonus reference page that shows the DiSC quadrants and lists members who had their highest DiSC score in each quadrant. This page will not appear if there are more than 40 people in a single quadrant.

The DiSC Classic Facilitator Report is a low-cost, time-saving tool that quickly gets you up to speed on your group and the group's culture.

"CHRISTUS Health has included DiSC as a component of our week-long CHRISTUS Center for Management Excellence leadership development program. The DiSC session in the afternoon of the first day continues to be a favorite portion of the course. Our managers appreciate the insight into their behavior as well as the behavior of others that they work with. Course participants love the team view of everyone’s classical profile and use the team view long after the course has ended. From an instructor’s viewpoint, I find the DiSC Classic Facilitator's Report an excellent summary of the makeup of the group. The detailed information in the report provides for great discussion about the group’s culture."

Lisa Reynolds
Organizational Development Program Manager


Important DiSC Classic Facilitator Report Information

1) This is an add-on GROUP report that is computed after two or more people have taken an ONLINE DiSC PROFILE, such as DiSC 2.0 or the DiSC General Characteristics Report.

2) You may not use this with the DiSC Classic Paper Profile or the Everything DiSC Profiles.

3) The DiSC Classic Facilitator Report is one of 33 reports available to you when you order an EPIC Account.

4) Use the DiSC Classic Facilitator Report with any size group . . . . unlimited!


EPIC Credits The DiSC Classic Facilitator Report is Available on EPIC
To setup an EPIC account that allows you to run the DiSC Classic Facilitator Report and over 45 other assessments and learning tools, please call 800.278.1292.

If you have an EPIC account, you already have access to the DiSC Classic Facilitator Report for 15 EPIC Credits.


Training Ideas

Many organizations conduct training sessions where their entire supervisory staff take both the Online DiSC Profile and the Online Work Expectations Profile. They run the DiSC Facilitator Report and the Work Expectations Group Report. These organizations find these sessions especially useful to help build a more positive work environment and to be able to better handle conflict.


Want to Become a Certified DiSC Facilitator?

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Bring Resources Unlimited In-House to Deliver DiSC Training

If your organization does not have a DiSC Facilitator, we are happy to come into your organization to deliver customized DiSC seminars. Click here for more information on in-house DiSC Training or call 800.278.1292.


DiSC® is a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc..

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