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Virtual DiSC Classic Certification

Looking For an Interactive, Personalized DISC Certification Delivered by DISC Trainers With 20+ Years of Experience?

If so, the DISC Certification for trainers, coaches, consultants, and others, developed by
Resources Unlimited's
Master Trainer and partners is for you.

Your $2,995 Registration Includes Over $1,900 in DISC Materials!

What is a Virtual DISC Classic Certification?

Our Virtual DISC Classic Certification combines one-on-one phone coaching with independent learning activities.

The virtual certification process empowers trainers, coaches, and consultants to learn the DISC model, administer learning tools, and then utilize the model and tools to meet their personal and organizational objectives.

Price: $2,995  

An Alternative to our Classroom DISC Certification

Many DISC Trainers have indicated it is difficult to attend our 2-day classroom DISC Certification and have requested a virtual learning option.

The Virtual DISC Classic Certification incorporates a variety of DISC-based training materials  with personalized telephone coaching. The virtual certification takes approximately 15 hours to complete.

Participants Will Receive

  • Over $1,900 of the newest and most effective DISC materials for trainers, coaches, consultants, and others, ensuring you are prepared to deliver any type of DISC session
  • Five one-on-one 60-minute phone coaching sessions with a DISC Trainer who has attended Inscape Publishing's DISC Certification
  • Flexibility with your schedule. Coaching sessions are scheduled at times that work best for you

"I truly enjoyed the Virtual DISC Train-the-Trainer Program. Your knowledgeable trainer tailored the instruction to my needs, which was extremely helpful and important. She gave me some great ideas that will make training very interactive for our audience of police officers. I look forward to working with you in the future. It's not often anymore that when you need help, you have a friendly voice on the other end of the phone. Tell Resources Unlimited not to stop this person-to-person contact. We need more of it in the business world."

Deborah Flowers
University of Arkansas
Criminal Justice Institute

Certification Agenda

  1. Conduct your first call (1 of 5 one-hour phone coaching DISCussions) with your Master Trainer to DISCuss the objectives for your upcoming DISC training program.  At this time you will also schedule your four additional training calls.
  2. Complete the DISC Classic Profile Online 2.0 and General Characteristics Report – and print the results on your printer (color or black). View sample report
  3. Conduct a phone DISCussion (2nd of 5) with your Master Trainer (60-90 minutes to DISCuss DISC concepts).
  4. Read your personalized 15-page General Characteristics Report and prepare a list of potential applications. View sample report
  5. Conduct a phone DISCussion (3rd of 5) with your Master Trainer to DISCuss the DISC PPSS (DISC Personal Profile System Software) and applications.
  6. Administer and interpret a Paper DISC Classic Profile to one other person.
  7. Review your DISC Classic Facilitation System and design a preliminary outline for your upcoming DISC training session.
  8. Conduct a phone DISCussion (4th of 5) with your Master Trainer to accomplish the following:
    • DISCuss your experience with administering the DISC Classic Profile
    • Assist you with your training plan (outline, exercises, and activities)
    • Design a reinforcement program to keep the DISC concepts alive in your organization
  9. Conduct your training session.
  10. Make a follow-up call (5th of 5) to your Master Trainer to DISCuss your training experience and to further refine the seminar.
  11. Complete an evaluation of the DISC Certification. You will receive a certificate upon completion.

Materials Included in the Certification


Support after Certification

Resources Unlimited provides ongoing support to clients after they complete the DISC Certification.  We offer:

Additional DISC Certification Options

For more information, call us at 515.278.1292 or email us to DISCuss which option is right for you.

View our seminar cancellation policy

Available Registration Dates

4/4/2013 - 12/31/2020
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Registration Prices
Trainers, Coaches, Consultants 2,995.00