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EPIC Accounts & EPIC Credits
EPIC Accounts offer a web-based platform that allows you to assign Online DiSC Profiles and over 40 other EPIC access codes 24x7.

Everything DiSC
Everything DiSC Application Library training programs are specialized, in-depth, and easily customizable. The programs teach professionals to connect better with the people they work with in specific applications.

DiSC Profiles - Online
Buy Online DiSC Profiles including Online DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile, DiSC General Characteristics, Everything DiSC Management, DiSC Team Building, DiSC Group and DiSC Facilitator Reports.

DiSC Profiles - Paper
DiSC helps you understand yourself and your impact on others. Buy DiSC Classic and other paper DiSC Profiles from Inscape Publishing.

DiSC Classic
DiSC Classic is the most trusted learning instrument in the industry. Order DiSC Classic Profiles, the Everything DiSC Classic Facilitation System, and more.

DiSC Training Tools
DiSC Virtual Certification, Everything DiSC Facilitation System, DiSC Videos, DiSC People Reading Cards, and other DiSC training tools will enhance your DiSC training sessions.

Inscape Publishing Starter Packages

Our Inscape Publishing starter packages include everything you need to get started with each of the Inscape Publishing training programs including DiSC, Everything DiSC Workplace, and more!


DiSC Profiles for Sales

DiSC trainers may choose from Inscape Publishing's Everything DiSC Sales Reports, Everything DiSC Sales Facilitator Kit, DiSC Classic 2 Plus Profiles for Sales, and DiSC Sales Action Planners to utilize the DiSC model for sales training.


DiSC Clicks & PPSS Response Forms

DiSC trainers, replenish your DiSC Software Clicks and order additional DiSC PPSS response forms.


DiSC Action Planners - Paper
DiSC Trainers, extend the power of DiSC with DiSC Action Planners from Inscape Publishing.

DiSC Action Planners - Online
Online DiSC Action Planners help DiSC learners take insights gained from DiSC and apply them to specific business applications such as sales and management.

Inscape Publishing Assessments - Paper
Buy DiSC Classic Profiles, Discovering Diversity Profiles, Time Mastery Profiles, and other Inscape Publishing profiles.

Wiley Publishing Facilitator Kits
Buy Everything DiSC, Discovering Diversity, Personal Listening, Time Mastery, and other Inscape Publishing Facilitator Kits.

DiSC & Other Best Sellers
Browse our 10 Best Selling DiSC Profiles & EPIC products our customers tell us they can't live without.

DiSC Hiring & Retention
DiSC hiring and retention products help you utilize the DiSC model to hire and keep the best employee for the position.

Leadership Styles
Our Inscape Publishing leadership styles training program helps leaders and followers understand 12 leadership styles / dimensions and how they can work together most effectively.

Management Skills

Use DiSC to improve management skills with our online DiSC management reports, Everything DiSC Management, and other DiSC tools for managers.


Team Assessments
Inscape Publishing team assessments help individuals work from their strengths by identifying their most natural team role.

Time Management
The Time Mastery Profile from Inscape Publishing provides a personal profile and an action planning tool to improve time management skills.

Listening Skills
The Personal Listening Profile includes a 60-question listening skills survey and interpretive information to help learners improve their effective listening skills.

Learning Styles
The Personal Learning Insights Profile is a learning style assessment that helps people identify their personal learning style, communicate their learning needs, and access more effective learning resources.

idXready Training Programs
6 NEW Inscape Publishing training programs integrate and synchronize all aspects of the learning experience, from participant pre-work to individualized workbooks; from rich video assets imbedded into professional PowerPoint to proven processing activities.

Work Expectations
The Inscape Publishing Work Expectations Profile helps increase commitment and job satisfaction.

Coping with Stress
The Coping and Stress Profile from Inscape Publishing is a unique learning assessment that helps people assess and understand their stress and coping skills.

Customer Service
Our DiSC Customer Service Action Planners, DiSC Online Profile, and online DiSC Training Course helps your organization improve customer service.

Diversity Training
The Discovering Diversity Profile provides a safe way to explore complex, powerful issues surrounding diversity.