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Resources Unlimited Press Releases

Resources Unlimited is a 2013 Diamond Award Winner
Wiley is pleased to announce that Resources Unlimited is a 2013 Diamond Award Winner

Resources Unlimited Receives Highest Sales Honor
Barbara Stennes has been awarded as a 2012 Diamond Award winner by Inscape Publishing

New and Improved Everything DiSC Programs
Everything DiSC Products Now Using Adaptive Testing

Clive Business Achieves Highest Sales Honor
Barbara Stennes has been honored as a 2011 Inscape Publishing Diamond Award winner.

Wiley & Sons, Inc. Acquires Inscape Publishing, Inc.
Wiley acquires Inscape, a leading provider of DiSC based assessments and other training products.

Barbara Stennes Achieves Highest Sales Honor From Inscape Publishing
Barbara was honored as a 2010 Diamond Award winner.

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders
CEO & President, Barbara Stennes, attended Inscape Publishing’s annual conference where she previewed Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders, Inscape’s newest Everything DiSC Application Library training program.

Barbara Stennes Presenting “Transform Your Organization with Innovative Thinking Tools” at 2009 Iowa SHRM State Conference
Barbara will teach participants how to use deliberate, systematic techniques to break away from your usual patterns of thinking. Learn how to ensure you’re getting the best thinking from your employees.

Leadership Assessment: Are Your Leaders Ready to Capitalize on Future Opportunities?
Resources Unlimited supports clients in leadership assessment and development in spite of slashed budgets and diminished morale.

Barbara Stennes at ASTD 2009
Barbara Stennes was part of a panel presentation at the ASTD International Conference & Exposition in Washington, DC.

Resources Unlimited Merges With Innova Training & Consulting
Resources Unlimited is now the #1 Worldwide Distributor of the Edward de Bono Thinking Systems.

Resources Unlimited Offering New Inscape Publishing Management Training Program
Resources Unlimited is now offering the Everything DiSC Management Profile and Facilitation System to help managers.

New DiSC Profile Increases Sales Effectiveness Forging Better Communication & Relationships
Recently, a new sales assessment was released by Inscape Publishing called Everything DiSC Sales, which is the most in-depth and easily customizable DiSC-based sales-training solution available.

Inscape Publishing Annual Conference Invaluable For Area's Leading Training Consultant
Barbara Stennes and a group of independent consultants in the training and development field recently attended the annual conference for Inscape Publishing.

Resources Unlimited DiSC Certification
Become a DISC certified trainer by attending a 2-day DiSC certification class developed by Resources Unlimited President and Master Trainer.

Independent Consultant Achieves Highest Sales Honor From Inscape Publishing
Barbara Stennes was honored as a 2007 Diamond Award winner at the Inscape Publishing President’s Club in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on March 1, 2008.

idXready “Ready to Go” Training Programs Unveiled at ASTD Conference with Overwhelming Reaction
Inscape Publishing is helping organizations save time and resources while still delivering high-impact training programs with six new ground-breaking products called idXready.

Barbara Stennes Adds Revolutionary New Training Solutions To Her Product Offerings
Barbara Stennes attended Inscape Publishing’s semi-annual training conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota which featured the launch of Inscape Publishing’s innovative new training and development product line, idXready™.

Barbara Stennes Achieves Highest Sales Honor From Inscape Publishing
Barbara Stennes was honored as a 2005 Diamond Award winner at the Inscape Publishing President’s Club in Cancun Mexico, February 6, 2006.

Barbara Stennes, Receives Inscape Publishing Diamond Award at the 2004 Inscape Business Conference
Barbara Stennes, received the Inscape Diamond Award in February 2004, at the Inscape Business Conference near San Diego, California. 

What it Takes to Establish a Successful Training Coaching or Consulting Business
Barbara Stennes will participate in the panel discussing the profile of a successful consultant and offer ways to build a successful business at the 2008 American Society for Training and Development Conference in San Diego, CA, on June 4th.