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Presentation Skills Training From Resources Unlimited

Presentation Skills - Presentation Skills Training to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Give results-oriented, concise and motivating presentations!

Presented by Barbara Stennes, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)

Teach your people to create persuasive presentations, design memorable visuals and deliver them with confidence. We will tailor this interactive two-day seminar to your company's needs. Videotaping, critiques, and redesign of "real-work" presentations and personalized action plans will help participants enhance their own natural style, engage their audience, and handle tough questions.

Number of people:  Maximum of ten participants.

Train Your Presenters To: 

  • Organize their talks to flow logically          
  • Present with style so people listen          
  • Create effective, dynamic visuals          
  • Use multimedia appropriately          
  • Engage the audience, not overwhelm them with details          
  • Customize the presentation to the audience (technical people to a non-technical audience, sales people to varied customers, individual contributors to upper management)

Learn How to Present Electronically

This seminar can teach how to use electronic presenting technology with confidence. 

  • Remember, you are still the message         
  • Organize the flow         
  • Create high-impact screens         
  • Learn the technology         
  • Be prepared with checklists

Discover the Balance between Organization and Style

Organization with effective visuals foundation...personal style lets you present with confidence!

Practice 10 Systematic Steps  

  • Step 1: Channel your Nervousness     
    • Acquire confidence and look in control - even if you don't feel it.     
    • Learn presentation warm-ups to redirect your anxiety. 
  • Step 2: Define your Objective     
    • Use organizing formats to put together the information for your presentation.     
    • Practice using the 10 formats in the seminar.     
    • Make formats for your unique presentations. 
  • Step 3: Organize Everything     
    • Create notes you can read.     
    • Take out the "specialist" words that no one else can understand.     
    • Use handouts with skill and effectiveness. 
  • Step 4: Create and use Effective Visuals     
    • Use a set of focused questions to insure your graphics are appropriate, interesting and readable.     
    • Look at the "whole" visual presentation. 
  • Step 5: Energize Yourself     
    • Influence others with your enthusiasm regardless of your mood or the time of day.   
    • Learn how to use your voice and gestures effectively. 
  • Step 6: Motivate your Listeners     
    • Use methods appropriate to your listeners: visual, auditory, and/or kinesthetic.     
    • Keep a non-technical audience interested in your technical talk. 
  • Step 7: Conclude with Conviction     
    • Conclude in a style that make your listeners wish you would continue.     
    • Practice saving some energy for the end of your talk. 
  • Step 8: Manage Questions and Objections     
    • Discover key phrases and techniques that will alleviate your anxiety about answering questions.     
    • Use "The Question Setup". 
  • Step 9: Recommend Next Steps     
    • Structure your presentation so that your audience will say "yes" to your recommendations.     
    • Practice being precise and speaking confidently. 
  • Step 10: Take the Leap!  
    • Add humor, if appropriate.           
    • Personalize your talk to your audience.           
    • Identify your personal presentation style.           
    • Generate some passion for your subject.

Learn 15 Organizing Formats  

  1. The General Format          
  2. Recommend a Strategy          
  3. Share Information          
  4. Identify Potential Problems          
  5. Sell a Product, Idea or Service          
  6. Teach Skills          
  7. Report Progress          
  8. Identify the Problem          
  9. Communicate Bad News          
  10. Recommend a Decision          
  11. Technical Talk          
  12. Convince of a Problem          
  13. Work Update          
  14. Business Growth          
  15. Investor Relations

Customized Attention  

  • Pre-work: Pre-work questionnaires completed so that the focus can be placed on their strengths and areas for improvement.         
  • Videotaping: Participants leave with a video of all their own presentations.         
  • Action Plan: Participants leave with unique and personalized action plans to create.

Customized Attention

Based on your needs. You choose, with our consulting advice, the modules appropriate for the training needs of your group. We customize based on each group's needs. This seminar can be a one, two or three-day seminar depending on the skills and knowledge you wish participants to gain.

After you choose the training modules for the seminar, you receive pre-work to send to the participants. We teach the modules based on your participants' presentation needs, and follow-up with individuals who need special attention. Afterwards, we share with you, the company,  presentation issues that came up during the seminar.

Possible Presentations Given by Participants

Introductions: Introduce themselves and, using pre-work questionnaires, define what skills and knowledge they want from the seminar. (Use a flipchart.)

General Format: Give a five-minute structured talk that teaches how to make points in a meeting. (Done with notes.)

10 Steps to Successful Presenting: Present a portion of the 10 Steps using speaker notes. (Choice of overheads or the laptop.)

Work: Give different segments of work presentations. (Visual choice up to the presenter.)

15 Organizing Formats: Put together and give a team presentation using one of the organizing formats. (Choice of overheads or the laptop.)

Point, Click & Wow!: Present a portion of the Point, Click & Wow! laptop presentation using speaker notes. (Use a laptop.)

Possible Seminar Exercises 

Visual Makeover: Change ineffective screens to effective ones.

Case Study: Put together a presentation.

Critique of Work Presentation Visuals: Use the single and total visual checklists to analyze work visuals.

Graphic Ideas: Understand what type of charts to use.

Redoing a Company Presentation: Discuss and revise a presentation given by many company employees.

Audience Care Rating: Rate how well you cared about your audience.

Communication Staircase: Practice communicating more than raw data.

Company Choice: Company has a special training request.

Action Plan: Receive a personal action plan.

Mini Exercise Choices: Confidence inventory; breathing practices; reduce a talk; voice practices; modality interview; handling questions; company presentation process.

Our Seminar Clients Include:  

  • Millipore: technical specialists.          
  • Gillette: all levels in the company.          
  • Pioneer Hi-Bred: various levels in the organization.    
  • Polaroid: our materials and speakers are used for their customer seminars.          
  • Berlex Canada: salespeople.          
  • Training Asia Limited: strategic alliance for the Asian market.          
  • Professionals for Technology: a training company licensed to teach the seminar.          
  • Training Consultants: they become certified and teach to major corporate clients. 

Call 800.278.1292 to request a presentation skills proposal or email