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Using DiSC + Other Inscape Publishing Assessments

Innovator/Entrepreneur Barbara Stennes: Carries on Mother's Teaching Legacy
Barbara Stennes follows in her mother's, Helen Bryant, footsteps and continues her legacy as a teacher and trainer.

Lowering Employee Turnover Using DiSC Behavioral Profiling
Jonathan Slain uses Everything DiSC at Fitness Together

Which DiSC Profile to Use
Many DiSC Profiles are available to help corporations, government organizations, colleges and universities, and individuals to better understand themselves and others. Learn the history of DiSC, scoring methods, reporting, and the different profiles and facilitation tools available.

DiSC Profiles and Various Characteristics of Personality
DiSC Profiles help people identify how much of each of the four dimensions of behavior (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness) they tend to exhibit in a particular situation.

DiSC an Effective People Management Tool
DiSC helps managers discover how their behavioral style may be interpreted by their colleagues. Managers can then learn to maximize their strengths and help the people they manage become more effective.

A Brief History of DiSC
In the 1980's Gary Little and Pamela cole had envisioned that one day the information collected in the DiSC archives could be delivered in an easy-to-use format.  Read how DiSC has transformed into what it is today.

A Real Commitment to Authentic Improvement
Insights from the DiSC Classic Profile and a variety of other Inscape Publishing Assessments help managers become better leaders, and give employees a greater sense of engagement, commitment, and purpose.

Building a Spirit of Community
The DiSC Classic Profile helps create an environment that fosters teamwork.

Coaching Good People to Excellence
With the help of DiSC and other Inscape Publishing Assessments, an executive was transformed into an effective leader.

DiSC General Characteristics Application Grid
The DiSC General Characteristics Application Grid describes each section of the DiSC General Characteristics Report (PPSS) and how to apply the information in Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Management, Supervisory Development, Team Development, and Coaching.

DiSC General Characteristics & DiSC Role Behavior Analysis for Performance Coaching
Find out how to use the DiSC General Characteristics Report and the DiSC Role Behavior Analysis for Performance Coaching.

DiSC General Characteristics Training Modules
The DiSC General Characteristics training modules outline possible training formats for various topics using the DiSC General Characteristics Report (PPSS). 

DiSC Helps and Other Inscape Publishing Profiles Boost Employee Morale
A Call Center sees immediate results after training with DiSC and other Inscape Publishing profiles.

DiSC Helps Build Better Working Relationships & Improves Job Satisfaction
The DiSC Relationship Profile helps a jeweler build effective relationships between his three stores.

DiSC and Discovering Diversity Profiles Help Dog People Learn to Appreciate Cat People
DiSC and other Inscape Publishing Products help an owner of an animal clinic address conflict and division among her 20 employees.

Establishing Effective Communication Channels
DiSC Training and the Online DiSC Classic Profile help improve communication.

Good Planning and Quick Thinking
The DiSC Profile, Time Mastery Profile and Team Dimensions Profile help an Insurance company undergoing major restructuring improve communication, enhance teamwork, and decrease conflict and stress.

Harnessing the Drive to Succeed
The DiSC Classic Profile and the Team Dimensions Profile help an executive learn about his behavioral style and regain his motivation to excel.

Introducing the Basics of Teamwork and Communication
DiSC, the Team Dimensions Profile and other products from Inscape Publishing help a community action agency solve its internal problems and become productive.

Moving from the Professional to the Personal
Even though DiSC Indra is traditionally applied to the corporate world, this instrument helped a couple learn more about themselves and saved their relationship.

New Ideas for Longtime Leaders
A training program was developed to help an Insurance company's managers improve their communication skills using the DiSC General Characteristics Report, Online DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile, and the Team Dimensions Profile.

Today's Managers, Tomorrow's Leaders
A global transportation company increases productivity, lowers turnover rates, and improves employee morale after utilizing DiSC and other Inscape Publishing learning assessments.

Training Dramatically Improves Communication
A non-profit organization’s workers achieve a breakthrough in communication as a result of the training using the Discovering Diversity Profile, the Team Dimensions Profile, and DiSC Indra.

Turning Complicated Programs into Simple Truths
A call center utilizes a variety of Inscape Publishing profiles and DiSC Action Planners to reach their customer service benchmarking goals.

Twin Challenges of Performance Management
A successful program of performance management at uses the best practices and the most current technology.

DiSC Classical Patterns and the Indra Styles Possible Correspondence
This chart shows the descriptions of potential similarities between the Gallup StrengthsFinders 34 Themes, the DiSC Classical Patterns found in the DiSC Classic Profile, and the DiSC Indra Styles.

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Everything DiSC Classic Facilitation System

Bringing Leadership Development Into a Large Organization With The Everything DiSC Facilitation System
The Everything DiSC Facilitation System supports innovative applications and can makes it easy for DiSC Trainers to create DiSC training courses to suit different needs.

Everything DiSC Facilitation System Case Study
The Everything DiSC Facilitation System helps DiSC trainers create new solutions quickly, with confidence, and adapt the materials to their goals.

Tapping Into The Everything DiSC Facilitation System to Deliver Powerful Sales Training – With Just Three Days to Prepare
With a 3 day turn around time, a trainer from a large company creates a sales training course using the Everything DiSC Facilitation System.

The Everything DiSC Facilitation System Helps DiSC Trainers Build Courses from Scratch
The Everything DiSC Facilitation System helps a client build a training course entirely from scratch and make it applicable across the entire organization.

Using the Everything DiSC Facilitation System to Create Multiple Solutions Within an Organization
The Everything DiSC Facilitation System addresses multiple issues for a client, including such vital concepts as team cohesion, interpersonal communication, and management effectiveness.

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DiSC Role Behavior Analysis

Using DiSC & Role Behavior Analysis to Improve Performance
The DiSC Role Behavior Analysis may be the necessary and often missing component in meeting selection, training and development needs.

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Team Dimensions Profiles

Capitalize on Natural Talents to Maximize Productivity
Barbara Stennes delivers a Course in Creativity seminar for a large manufacturing company that combines innovation and creative thinking techniques, and the Team Dimensions Profile from Inscape Publishing.

The Rebirth of the Team Concept
The Team Dimensions Profile provides valuable insights for an international accounting firm's team members, increasing morale and commitment to their training program’s goals.

University Uses Team Dimensions Profile to Break the Ice
A University uses the Team Dimensions Profile as an icebreaker in helping their employees prepare for strategic planning sessions.

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Work Expectations Profile

Improve Customer Service from the Inside Out With The Work Expectations Profile
The Work Expectations Profile is used in a three-part process to help an HR department's employees enhance the relationships among their administrative coordinators and staff.

Inscape Publishing Work Expectation Profile Helps Increasing Employee Satisfaction
A long-term care facility uses the Work Expectations Profile to improve employee and resident/customer satisfaction, obtain more cooperation within and between departments, and to reduce employee and manager retention.

The Work Expectations Profile Takes Team From Awful to Awesome
The Work Expectations Profile helps a medical-equipment manufacturer increase its customer satisfaction rate from 38% to 99%.

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Free Articles by Barbara Stennes and Others

DiSC Personality Profile Test to Improve Productivity
A DiSC personality test can help improve our understanding of ourselves and others, which in turn will help to increase productivity in the workplace.

How DiSC Profiles Are Helpful in Training Your Organization's Salesforce
Help your salespeople learn to adapt their styles to connect better and close more sales with a sales personality test.

DiSC Profiles - Invaluable Insights into Self and Others
The DiSC profile is an easy-to-use, inexpensive vehicle for self development. 

In-House Training
In-house training involves bringing a trainer to any location of choice to deliver a customized training program for a group of employees.

Why Assessing Employee Behavior is Good for Your Organization
Once you identify behaviors you can work to reduce conflict within the organization and increase employees’ potential for success.

Are Personality Tests Effective?
Some personality tests are a valuable tool for improving your organization, while others are purely for entertainment. This article offers guidelines for distinguishing the two. View as a PDF

How to Manage Cross-Functional Teams
Cross-functional teams can be successful, but their diversity is both their main strength and their biggest weakness. For this reason, guiding a cross-functional team to success requires that the team leader be especially diligent. View as a PDF.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Web-based Learning 
The Internet has ushered in dramatic new learning styles and techniques, but are these as effective as traditional teaching methods? Web-based learning can be extraordinarily useful, but educators must adapt their techniques to take advantage of the new medium. View as a PDF.

How to Manage Group Dynamics
Conventional wisdom maintains that a team leader is the “boss,” but this belief is mistaken and shortsighted. Rather, the team leader’s role is to guide the process that the rest of the team follows, removing obstacles and enabling the team to flourish. View as a PDF.

How to Teamwork Your Way to the Top
Fostering a collaborative atmosphere will improve both morale and productivity in your organization. Managing a team effectively requires that the team leader draw on the skills and talents of all team members. View as a PDF.

Decision Making
Making decisions is critical to the success of an organization, but it is not always easy. This essay offers tips for overcoming procrastination and institutional inertia, so that you can become a more dynamic leader. View as a PDF.

The Typical Behavioral Styles that Define an Individual
Human behavior can be viewed in four areas: Dominance, influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness (a methodology known as DiSC). Understanding DiSC behaviors allows you to tailor your approach to a given person and a given situation. View as a PDF.

Importance of Effective Communication 
Effective communication is a skill that requires practice. These two rules will help you become a better communicator.  View as a PDF.

The Six Rules of Effective Communication
This article examines effective communication skills in more detail. Most communication problems result from a failure to follow these six rules. View as a PDF.

How Different Roles Influence Your Personality
It is important to be aware of the different roles that you play vis-à-vis other people and the obligations and expectations that those roles entail. This awareness enables you to balance those commitments optimally. View as a PDF.

12 Dysfunctional Personal Productivity Personalities
Laura Stack offers descriptions of 12 different productivity personalities including workaholics, procrastinators, pilers, and offers advice on working more effectively with each.

Learning Executives Optimistic for 2010
Learning executives continue to be optimistic about the outlook and expectations for the learning function according to the latest measurement by ASTD.

Everything DiSC Pulse

Monthly articles in Training magazine from Inscape Publishing's Mark Scullard and Jeffrey Sugerman.

360 Assessments
Who is the best person to deliver the assessment feedback to each 360 feedback participant? A survey shows there’s a big difference between having an external coach or a manager go over the results and not.

The Method Makes the Difference
Inscape research reveals three training methods that have a surprisingly large influence on participant enjoyment and engagement.

Everything DiSC Pulse: Technology at Work
Inscape Publishing surveyed 2,742 recent training participants about their use of various technologies for work.

Inscape Survey Zeroes in on the Types of Training Courses That Would Increase Workplace Effectiveness
A survey of 5,945 recent training participants revealed that the need for interpersonal skill development in the workplace hasn't been fully met.

The Three Ps of Effective Webinars
Inscape Publishing survey identifies three ways to boost the effectiveness of your Webinars.

Improving Assessment Use
"Show me the value of assessments" is a common refrain heard by many training professionals. Inscape Publishing surveyed 2,362 recent participants of corporate training programs about their previous experiences with assessments in development programs. They identified two areas that can boost the value and impact of assessments.

The Annual Performance Review
Learn how the performance review process makes a difference in the job satisfaction and professional development of the people who work for you.

Speed Tips from Meredith Bell

Are You Approachable?
How do you quickly build strong relationships with the people you meet.

Do You Encourage or Give Advice?
What is the best way to respond when someone comes to you with a problem?

The Power of Assumptions
Explore how assumptions influence perceptions and how you react to situations you encounter in life.

The Question That Changes Everything
A winning formula shared when someone important to you expresses doubt about their capabilities.

Why Customer Service Matters NOW
In today's environment, it's critical for you to make sure your customers and clients are having extraordinary experiences with your organization.

What a Stroke Victim Taught Me about Life
A brief encounter in a nursing home changed my perspective about connecting with others.

What "Fresh Eyes" Can Do For Your Business
When we're limited by one way of looking at things, we don't even see, much less consider, other possibilities.

What I learned from Ivanka Trump
Find ways to connect with the people you want to know.