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Inscape Publishing, Inscape DiSC Profile Publishing

Inscape Publishing (formerly known as Carlson Learning Company or Performax) is a leading independent publisher of research-based self-assessments. Inscape Publishing pioneered the original DiSC®  learning assessment over three decades ago.

Today Inscape Publishing develops high-quality learning resources designed for use in facilitated and self-directed learning environments to improve individual and organizational performance.

Renowned as the world leader in DiSC learning resources, Inscape Publishing has helped over 40 million people increase their job satisfaction, improve job performance, communicate more effectively, and appreciate the benefits of workplace diversity. Every year, more than one million people worldwide learn how to work more effectively with others by using Inscape Publishing training products.

Inscape Publishing has developed learning products to improve people's skills in communication, team development, leadership, diversity, time management, and work expectations. Some 40 million people worldwide have made the NEW Everything DiSC Library of training products, the original Inscape Publishing DiSC Classic Profile, and other Inscape Publishing learning instruments their first choice in behavior-based learning assessments.

Innovation is a driving force at Inscape Publishing - creating products and services designed to inspire, energize, and empower.

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DiSC: Inscape Publishing

For more information, call 515.278.1292, view a list of Inscape Publishing training materials in the Resources Unlimited online store, or refer to the Inscape Publishing Applications Grid.

Authorized Inscape Publishing Distributor Resources Unlimited

Resources Unlimited is proud to have received Inscape Publishing’s top award, the Inscape Publishing Diamond Award, for 13 consecutive years.

Barbara Stennes, President and CEO of Resources Unlimited, was certified by Inscape Publishing in the Everything DiSC Facilitation System. This certification by Inscape Publishing provides additional credentials that demonstrate Barbara's in-depth understanding of DiSC and its applications.

Resources Unlimited is committed to providing exceptional customer service to our clients. We're eager to help you choose the best Inscape Publishing products and training services to meet your organization's objectives.

Contact us at 515.278.1292 for more information on the Inscape Publishing DiSC Profile & other Inscape Publishing learning assessments.


Inscape Publishing: Resources Unlimited is an Authorized Inscape Publishing Distributor Offering DiSC & Other Inscape Publishing Learning Assessments

DiSC® is a registered trademark of Inscape Publishing, Inc.