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July 19-20
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Everything DiSC Certification

Are You Searching for:

  • Confidence and credentials to conduct Everything DiSC® sessions?
  • An immersion in the Everything DiSC model and the newest DiSC research?
  • In-depth knowledge of DiSC and the Everything DiSC Application Library?

Then Everything DiSC Trainer Certification is for you!

Everything DiSC Certification Brochure

You'll get hands-on experience with the all of Everything DiSC Profiles. You'll learn the theory to help you understand how to interpret the Everything DiSC circular model. And, you'll discover how to customize the materials in your Facilitation Kit to meet a variety of organizational needs. Finally, you'll demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of Everything DiSC through group presentations and a written exam.

Everything DiSC Certification Agenda

Praise for Inscape Publishing's Trainer Certification Programs

“There's only one of me to go around – this Certification helped me to see how many different ways I can use the Everything DiSC Classic Facilitation System in my organization.” -Instructional Designer

“I learned much more than I anticipated – even the research and validity was presented in an interesting, easy-to-follow, concise manner." -Executive Trainer

“This is the first training session in quite some time where I wasn’t bored or clock watching. Credit to content and facilitators!” -HR Manager

Everything DiSC Certification Pricing

$1,895* per person
The fee for the two-day Certification includes the following class materials, practical exam, continental breakfast, and lunch both days. Attendees are responsible for all other expenses.

DiSC Materials Included with Your Registration Fee

One of the following Everything DiSC® Facilitation Kits*:

You'll receive each of the following personalized Everything DiSC Profiles:

*If you already own an Everything DiSC Facilitator Kit (Workplace, Management, Sales, Work of Leaders), attend the Everything DiSC Certification for only $900!

All participants are required to have their own Everything DiSC Facilitation Kit. Please bring your Everything DiSC Facilitation Kit with you to the training.

3 Flexible DiSC Certification Options

Classroom | Virtual | On-Site

Classroom DiSC Certification
Join trainers from other organizations in Minneapolis or Des Moines. View upcoming Everything DiSC Certification dates and register online.

Virtual Everything DiSC Certification
Virtual DiSC Certifications combine fully-customized one-on-one coaching with independent learning activities, and eliminate the time and expense of travel. Learn more about Everything DiSC Virtual DiSC Certifications.

On-Site Everything DiSC Certification
We'll bring the DiSC certification to you! Call 800.278.1292 or click to request on-site Everything DiSC Certification information.


DiSC® is a registered trademark of Inscape Publishing, Inc.