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Your EPIC Account is FREE when You Purchase 150 or More EPIC Credits - A $150 Value!
150 EPIC Credits = 10 Everything DiSC Workplace Profiles or 15 Online DiSC Classic 2.0 Profiles


You'll also receive a copy of The 8 Dimensions of Leadership when you order by Friday, July 1, 2011.


7 Important Benefits of Having an EPIC Account

1) EPIC saves you time & gives you 24/7 access. Each profile is scored instantly and reports are generated and printed with just a few clicks. Employees can complete assessments online in advance of training sessions, ensuring that every minute of training time is used to its full advantage.

2) EPIC saves you money. Sending profiles using EPIC is less expensive than purchasing profiles one at a time. We offer special incentives for those who buy larger quantities of EPIC Credits.

3) Easy online access to 60+ online assessments. EPIC allows you to send profiles to anyone in the world via email, making the platform ideal for the needs of multi-location businesses.

4) Complete administrative control. EPIC Administrators control whether an individual may view their completed report, allowing you to draw the framework to their DiSC behavioral understanding.

5) Comprehensive team insights with Group Reports. EPIC gives you access to group reports, providing an analysis of team dynamics. You'll also have unlimited access to free one-on-one Everything DiSC Comparison Reports.

6) Custom branding of reports. With EPIC, you can add custom branding to all of your profiles. Add your logo, contact information, and more to report covers.

7) Instant access to the newest profiles. As an EPIC user you'll be the first to have access to the newest assessments as they're released. And from time to time we'll invite you to beta test profiles in product development.

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EPIC has no renewal fees, expiration dates, or software to download.
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