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EPIC Account Services from Resources Unlimited

Don't Have the Time or Staff to Manage Your EPIC Account? We can do it for you.

The customer service team at Resources Unlimited can handle all or some of the EPIC administrative duties for you. For example, we can customize your EPIC report covers, send DiSC and other online access codes to your employees or clients, create group reports for you within your EPIC Account, and more.

We can do whatever you need! Below you'll find a few examples of the services we currently provide.

EPIC Account Customization

We'll login to your EPIC Account to customize your EPIC response form and report covers. Click the image to the right to view a sample.

EPIC Account Customization Includes:

  • Upload your company logo
  • Add contact information including:
    • Your Company Name
    • Contact Name
    • Contact Email Address
    • Contact Phone Number
    • Company Tagline or other information
  • Customize your subject line format
  • Set EPIC Credit balance reminder settings

EPIC Account - EPIC Account Report Customization Services From Resources Unlimited
Click image for larger view.


EPIC Account Access Code Administration

Our staff will login to your EPIC Account and send access codes for you, saving you valuable time. The steps involved are outlined below:

  • Determine which Online EPIC Profile you would like respondents to complete
  • Decide whether you'd like respondents to view their reports upon completion
  • Email Resources Unlimited a spreadsheet of email addresses and participant names (we will email you an Excel template file to use)
  • Email Resources Unlimited any custom information you'd like us to include with your EPIC access codes (Example: "Please complete your Online DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile by Friday.")
  • Provide Resources Unlimited with the date you would like us to send your EPIC access codes
  • We will create EPIC Account folders / sub-folders as requested to keep access codes and completed profiles organized so you may quickly view, print, or email reports in your EPIC Account
  • We'll send each participant an access code for completing their online assessment

Call 800.278.1292 for pricing and to get started with your next project.

EPIC Account Group Report Creation

After a group completes their online profiles, you may wish to generate a group or facilitator report. Save time by having Resources Unlimited generate the report for you. The steps involved are outlined below:

  • Determine which Online EPIC Facilitator or Group Report you would like us to create
  • Email Resources Unlimited a list of participants to include in the group or facilitator report
  • Provide us with the name of the EPIC Account folder / sub-folder where we should save the group report in your EPIC Account
  • We'll customize the title of your Group Report as desired
  • We will generate the group or facilitator report and email it to you

Call 800.278.1292 for pricing and to get started with your next project.

Examples of EPIC Account Projects Managed by Resources Unlimited

University: Large-Scale Online Profile Distribution
A University asked us to administer a large-scale, ongoing EPIC Account project for them where we were the designated EPIC Account Administrator. They wanted to have customized report covers, but did not want to do the labor in-house. The EPIC project involved:

  • Customizing their online response form and EPIC report covers
  • Sending Online DiSC Profile access codes to thousands of participants
  • Ensuring that participants did not see their results upon completion
  • Resending access codes to participants as necessary to ensure profiles were completed on time
  • Emailing completed reports to the project administrator

University:  Customized Online Ordering for Students
Another large university asked us to assist them with a one-time EPIC Account project to simplify the billing process for them. The Account EPIC project involved:

  • Creating a customized page on our website where students could pay for their course materials (Online DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile) by credit card
  • Alerting the EPIC Administrator as students paid for their DiSC Profiles
  • Depositing the corresponding number of EPIC Credits into their EPIC Account
  • The EPIC Administrator then administered the Online DiSC Classic 2.0 access codes to the students

Learn about our DiSC services for College & Universities.

Independent Consultant: EPIC Account Phone Coaching
A consultant asked us to help her generate a DiSC Classic Group Culture Report. We emailed her detailed instructions for generating the report from our EPIC Account User Guide. We also offered to talk her through the report creation by phone / GoToMeeting (a free service for Resources Unlimited clients), or to login to her EPIC Account to create the DiSC Group Culture Report for her for a small fee.

Large Corporation: One-Time EPIC Account Assistance
An EPIC Account client at a large corporation needed help getting started with their new EPIC Account. We setup a time to give them a one-on-one EPIC Account tutorial using GoToMeeting (a complimentary service for Resources Unlimited clients). We showed them:

  • How to customize the information on their EPIC report covers and other personal options in EPIC
  • How to assign an access code
  • How to edit access code information
  • How to resend an access code
  • How to unassign an access code
  • How to view/print/email a completed profile
  • Where to view a list of online profiles available in EPIC and the number of EPIC Credits required to run them
  • How to order EPIC Credits online

Additional EPIC Account Services

Everything DiSC Comparison Report Creation
Clients LOVE the FREE, Unlimited Everything DiSC Comparison Reports in their EPIC Account.

The challenge is finding the time to run several combinations of this effective one-on-one follow up tool. Let Resources Unlimited do the work for you. We can generate your Everything DiSC Comparison Reports or manage the entire project of sending out the initial Everything DiSC access codes, running Comparison Reports, Group Culture Reports, etc.

Get all the benefits of an EPIC Account without doing all of the work yourself.  We'll create a customized EPIC Account service to meet your needs. Get started today! 800.278.1292

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