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EPIC Account Sites Receive Data Privacy Certification

The EPIC Administrator site ( and EPIC Respondent site ( have received data privacy certification from the TRUSTe® Privacy Program. Companies that display the TRUSTe seal on their Web site’s privacy policy comply with the highest standards for protecting personal information.

As a licensee of TRUSTe, Inscape abides by the EU Safe Harbor Framework as outlined by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Union. The EU Safe Harbor Seal displayed on the bottom of each page of the EPIC site ensures that companies doing business with European citizens comply with the Safe Harbor Program, a framework created by U.S. and European parties to avoid trade disruptions resulting from international privacy laws.

TRUSTe monitors compliance throughout the year through Watchdog Dispute Resolution, Scanning & Monitoring, and Quality Assurance.

Watchdog Dispute Resolution
The online Watchdog mechanism allows TRUSTe compliance analysts to mediate privacy-related disputes between consumers and Inscape Publishing. Should consumers have a privacy-related concern, they are encouraged to contact Inscape directly. In the event that Inscape is unable to resolve conflicts with consumers, they can register the complaint online with TRUSTe. If this happens, one of the TRUSTe compliance analysts will contact the consumer and provide detailed instructions of next steps.

Scanning & Monitoring
TRUSTe uses a combination of technology and manual inspection to scan licensed sites for breaches of their privacy policies as well as TRUSTe program requirements. During these scans, compliance analysts look for compliance breaches such as encryption measures on sensitive pages and undisclosed ―cookies‖ or single-pixel tracking devices. The compliance analysts will inform Inscape immediately and help them to correct mistakes to minimize the impact on consumers.

Quality Assurance
Finally, to ensure and protect our licensees’ investment in our services, TRUSTe vigorously enforces its trademark. To ensure that substandard organizations do not pirate the TRUSTe seals, compliance analysts keep a close watch on all displays of logos and seals for proper implementation and—in the case of deactivated licensees—prompt removal of the seals.

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