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DiSC Specials

Check our DiSC Specials page frequently to take advantage of discounts and offers from Resources Unlimited.

Get a FREE Copy of the New Everything DiSC Book

by Wiley's Julie Straw, Mark Scullard, Susie Kukkonen, and Barry Davis

Sign up for one of our Work of Leaders Book Briefing Events with author, Julie Straw.  Attendees will receive a FREE copy of the The Work of Leaders book ($24.95 value) and an Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile ($94.50 value).

The Work of Leaders: How Vision, Alignment, and Execution Will Change the Way You Lead

Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders™ Facilitation Kit
Special Offer Ended 9.30.13

Receive a FREE set of the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders posters when you purchase the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Kit. ($150 value).


Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Poster Set

Use DiSC to Help With Career Transitions

We've created two packages that include a DiSC Profile and the DiSC book We Hug in the Hallways Here - Essential tools for anyone in a career transition!


 DiSC Book: We Hug in the Hallways Here

FREE Ground Shipping!

We now offer FREE Ground Shipping (within the contiguous U.S.), making this a great time to stock up on DiSC Classic Paper Profiles, DiSC People Reading Cards, Everything DiSC Facilitator Kits, and other DiSC Training Tools!



 DiSC: Free Ground Shipping on DiSC

Everything DiSC Starter Packages

Everything DiSC Starter Packages include the tools that DiSC trainers and coaches need to get started with the Everything DiSC programs, and save you money!

You'll get the Everything DiSC facilitator kit and an EPIC Account pre-loaded with enough EPIC Credits to administer 20 Everything DiSC Online Profiles - all at a discounted price.


Already Have an EPIC Account?

Buy the Everything DiSC Workplace, Management, Sales, and Work of Leaders Facilitation Systems together to to save 15%! Click to buy this special Everything DiSC Facilitation Kit Package or call 800.278.1292. 

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