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DiSC Profiles for Teambuilding

Each person we work with has a different way of doing things. Many times our differences are accepted and may even complement each other. Unfortunately many teams find their differences cause confusion or frustration. Only when we have a framework to make sense of our differences can we learn what to expect from one another. DiSC can help address three common challenges that teams face: motivation, conflict, and communication. DiSC provides teams with simple, intuitive ways to make lasting improvements in a team's effectiveness.

DiSC Can Help Your Team:

  • Appreciate the diverse needs and preferences of every DiSC style
  • Recognize and capitalize on personal motivators that drive them
  • Understand their own style when in conflict and the impact that has on others
  • Recognize inappropriate or unproductive communication and develop skills to adapt to the styles of their teammates
  • Identify work environments that are motivating for team members and find ways to modify the environment to enhance motivation
  • Improve team motivation, conflict resolution, and communication
  • Become more energized and involved with the team

Recommended DiSC Profiles for Teambuilding

Everything DiSC Workplace Profile

Discover Your DiSC Style: Discover how DiSC styles affect your workplace relationships and explore the priorities that drive you at work.

Understand Other Styles: Learn what works for you and what challenges you when working with each DiSC style.

Build More Effective Relationships: Create strategies and an action plan to overcome challenges when working with people of different DiSC styles.

People-Reading Skills: Learn how to identify others’ DiSC styles based on behavioral cues.

Everything DiSC Workplace Profile Sample

DiSC Profile: Everything DiSC Workplace Profile

DiSC Profiles: Everything DiSC Workplace Profile    DiSC Profiles: Buy Everything DiSC Workplace Profiles 

Online DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile

Your DiSC Style: An in-depth, personalized narrative of your highest DiSC Dimension(s), which describes patterns of interpersonal preferences, behaviors, and emotional reactions.

DiSC Intensity Index: Become more aware of potential strengths and weaknesses.

Your Motivation: A description of the basic incentives and personal goals that drive you to interact with other people the way you do. Also describes the patterns of behavior that result from your unique motivations.

Your Work Habits: A description of your behavioral tendencies at work, including how you get things done, how you influence others, what goals are important to you, and what situations you avoid.

Insights for You: Tips for maximizing personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

Online DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile Sample

DiSC Classic Profile 

 DiSC Profiles: Online DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile    DiSC Profiles: Buy Online DiSC Classic 2.0 Profiles

DiSC Training

Have us deliver DiSC Training for you.

DiSC Training may be delivered by someone internally at your organization, or by one of our DiSC Trainers. For a customized DiSC training proposal, call 800.278.1292 or click to tell us about your DiSC training needs.

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