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DiSC Profiles & Services for Recruitment & Hiring

Most hiring managers tend to hire people that they like, or people that are like them. Unfortunately that person isn't always the right person for the job.

The cost of making a hiring mistake is high. Turnover impacts your bottom line in a lot of sneaky ways. It's usually the last place that companies look to improve their returns because there is no line item on a P&L marked “turnover.” The costs are soft, hidden. Labor costs may even show a decline in times of high turnover, providing misleading information.

It is estimated that turnover costs 3 to 5 times the annual salary of the position. While a position is vacant, coworkers are asked to fill in, productivity drops, morale suffers, and may lead to more turnover. Stress levels increase due to longer hours leading to mistakes, accidents, injuries, illness, and reduced quality. Recruiting costs include lost productivity of the managers that have to recruit, and for recruiters or temp agencys. Advertising a position, reviewing résumés, travel expenses, etc. all add up. 

In a tight labor market, you may also need to factor in relocation fees, signing bonuses or referral fees. Once you've hired a new employee the costs continue. You most likely pay the new worker more than you were paying before. To eliminate problems, you give raises to close co-workers. Productivity issues may arise because the new employee isn't up to speed and other employees are filling in. You're paying the new employee fully even though their productivity is low. To get them up to speed, you must train them, which means that managers, supervisors, and others are pulled away from their jobs lowering productivity again.

Resources Unlimited offers hiring solutions and employee evaluation systems to improve the odds of hiring the right person for the job. Our hiring assessments and solutions work because we take away hiring biases, and focus on the job itself and on what constitutes superior performance in the job.

DiSC Profiles for Recruitment & Hiring

DiSC Hiring Reports

DiSC® Role Behavior Analysis™:  Profile the job or role, and discover how the role needs to be performed regardless of who is performing it.

The DiSC General Characteristics Report: Obtain a broad range of an individual’s behavioral characteristics, including their behavioral strengths and weaknesses, motivating and demotivating factors, and management and selling styles..

Comparison Reports: Assess how well the participant’s behaviors match the requirements of the role.

Comparison of Multiple Individuals (Optional): Analyze the behavioral styles of two or more respondents.

  DiSC Profile: DiSC Hiring Reports

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Profiles for Recruitment & Hiring

Job Report

If the job could talk, it would clearly define the knowledge, hard skills, people skills, behavior and culture needed for superior performance. Your unbiased input regarding the specific requirements of the job in question will be applied to our job benchmarking process. The result is an evaluative report that analyzes 37 areas along with additional feedback on each area. Suggested interview questions that pertain to each area complete this report.

Talent Report

This report reveals a person’s specific traits in three areas that describe the how, why, and what of individual performance. This is accomplished through an unbiased assessment of the Behaviors people bring to the job, the Values that motivate people to do a job, and their potential to provide the Personal Skills required by the job. As a job benchmarking tool, the same three areas are used to measure the requirements of the job, providing a complete system to compare talent to the position and create the best job fit. This powerful tool ensures that you hire, develop, and retain top talent.

Gap Report

Long-term superior performance is directly related to job fit. Job fit, in simple terms, is having the talent that the job requires. Most people match some, but not necessarily all, job requirements. When this happens, we have a gap. The gap is nothing more than an area for development. This report makes it easy for both manager and subordinate to discuss and develop a plan for personalized development.

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