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DiSC Streaming Video Service

Have you ever wished you could use Everything DiSC® video segments in your virtual DiSC training sessions?

We now offer DiSC Streaming Video to provide our DiSC clients with optimal virtual video access. If you own a DiSC Facilitation Kit for Everything DiSC Workplace, Everything DiSC Management, Everything DiSC Sales, or Everything DiSC Classic, you’re aware that the license only allows you to use the video in live, in-person training sessions, where the audience is in the room with the trainer.

Now with Inscape Publishing's new DiSC Video Streaming Service, you may use the video segments, branded with your own company logo, in virtual environments.

Get DiSC Video Streaming Service License Agreements For:

  • Everything DiSC Sales
  • Everything DiSC Workplace
  • Everything DiSC Management
  • Everything DiSC Classic Facilitation System DVD

The license provides you with virtual access to video segments, which you may use in your webinar presentations. You’ll receive a spreadsheet containing unique urls. Each url links to a separate video segment that is branded with your company name and/or logo – for all of the video segments included in the product that you purchased.

A separate Video Streaming License Agreement is required for each DiSC training program. For example, if you are planning to use Everything DiSC Workplace, Everything DiSC Management, and Everything DiSC Sales in a training session, you will need three separate licenses: one for Workplace, one for Management, and one for Sales.

  Everything DiSC Video Streaming Service - Click to test

It is assumed that you understand the parameters of your own webinar platform and have educated yourself on how to navigate to web pages while conducting a webinar. We are unable to provide webinar technical support as each webinar platform has a unique set of guidelines for usage.

DiSC Video Streaming Process

1) Purchase the DiSC Facilitation System(s)
To obtain a Video Streaming License Agreement, you must purchase a Facilitation Kit for each video license desired. If you already own the Facilitation Kit, you don’t need to purchase another kit.

2) Test Your Webinar Platform
Click here for a url to test in your webinar platform.
Before completing an agreement, you must ensure the Video Streaming Service is compatible with your webinar platform. The video links you will receive will look the same as this test video, but will be customized with your company name and/or logo.

3) Complete the DiSC Video Streaming Service License Agreement
We will email you the DiSC Video Streaming Service License Agreement(s). You must comply with all terms of each Agreement.

4) Email us the signed agreement(s), your logo, and arrange for payment of the setup and monthly service fees
Please allow ten business days to process your agreement and to personalize your unique video streaming urls.

5) Upon Acceptance of Signed DiSC Agreement
We will provide you with links to the web pages that host each video segment. You may then play the video through your webinar platform by linking to these uniquely branded web pages.

DiSC Video Streaming Service

You must purchase at least one Facilitation Kit for each video license desired:

$195 DiSC Video Streaming Service Set-Up Fee
Includes putting your company name and logo on the web pages providing the video stream.

$120 Per Month for Each Video Streaming License
You determine the length of your license agreement when you apply for the Video Streaming License. We'll automatically charge your credit card on file the first working day of each month for the duration of your license. If you want to extend your license beyond the license term, you may do so by notifying us. After your license has expired, you’ll need to apply for a new Video Streaming license, but you will not be charged an additional set-up fee.

Written notice of cancellation must be received before the 10th of the month. No credit will be given for partial month usage.


Please Note:

Because the DiSC Video Streaming Service is provided by a third party vendor and relies on the public Internet, Resources Unlimited and Inscape Publishing do not warrant availability, merchantability, or consistency of video quality.

Either party may terminate or cancel this license at any time by providing notice in writing (there will be no refunds for partial months of service). Upon cancellation or termination, Inscape Publishing will deactivate the user account and all related information and/or files. Reinstatement will require a new DiSC Video Streaming License Agreement and appropriate fees, including the then-current set-up fee.

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