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Training Dramatically Improves Communication

A nonprofit organization had communication issues among its staff.  The goal was to get the organization’s workers to talk to, and appreciate, one another.

The solution was training using the Discovering Diversity Profile, the Team Dimensions Profile and DiSC Indra.

The nonprofit organization specialized in human services, and the demographics of the population they served were changing.

The training began with the Discovering Diversity Profile.  But during the needs assessment, it was discovered that the organization had other issues.

Fifteen women made up the organization’s staff, but despite the small and homogenous nature of the workplace, there were problems with how the workers functioned as a team.

The barrier between the workers was not just metaphorical.  Those who worked upstairs were primarily IT staff and, therefore, more of a technical group.  The people who worked downstairs were mostly managers and social workers.  Differences in philosophies and personalities increased over time, and the sense of isolation that the two groups experienced meant that the “downstairs people” and the “upstairs people” never got to know one another.  Communication problems were the natural result.

The Team Dimensions Profile was introduced to identify roles in the organization.  This process went smoothly, but as helpful as the profile was, the nonprofit’s workers could benefit form further insight.  So DiSC Indra was employed to help define the coworkers’ relationships. 

The entire staff took DiSC Indra. From the start, guidelines were established so the participants would feel secure. Everyone was entitled to speak his or her own truth without being criticized, and the group’s expectations, fears, and concerns were discussed.  The limits on confidentiality were also defined, allowing a safe environment to form.

With a supportive atmosphere established the DiSC Indra individual, dyad, and group reports for the staff members were created.  The results were immediate. 

In the feedback they shared with one another, there were several ‘ah-ha’ or ‘wow’ moments.  People said, “Oh I get it now.  No wonder you and I were in conflict.”

The workers were so excited about their results that they requested specific dyads for combinations that went beyond their team or immediate coworkers.  DiSC Indra delivered insights about the communication issues that were hampering the organization.  DiSC Indra gave the workers a basis for talking about their relationships, something they had never had before. 

Dialogue and Discovery works like magic.  Not only was there a discussion about what the report was saying but the participants found specific ways to engage and talk about where and how the insights might apply.  It was amazing.  People had to be stopped because time was running out. 

As a result of the training the organization’s workers achieved a breakthrough in communication.


DiSC Case Study from Inscape Publishing