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July 2, 2008

Resources Unlimited Offering New Inscape Publishing Management Training Program

Customizable, Personalized Training Solution Improves Employee Effectiveness & Satisfaction

Managing effectively means moving from a "one size fits all" management approach to providing direction, motivation, and development that aligns with each employee.

Resources Unlimited, a premier distributor of Inscape Publishing Learning Materials, is now offering the Everything DiSC Management Profile and Faciliatation System to help managers adapt their management style to better align with the priorities of the people they manage, thus improving their ability to get the results they want.

The Everything DiSC Management Program provides a personalized learning experience that is based on a process. It begins with understanding an individual's management style-what do you prioritize?

The second step is understanding an employee's needs in three key areas of managing:

  • Directing and delegating
  • Motivating your employees
  • Developing your employees

And lastly, adapting the managers' approach to better match the priorities of the people managed. This skill is often what sets an effective manager apart from an ineffective one.

A unique feature in the Everything DiSC Management Profile is a section dedicated to helping the employee work with their own manager. This report provides insights for understanding the manager's priorities and preferences so the employee can better position themselves to advocate and get buy-in. The report also provides information that helps employees deal with conflict with their manager.

Barbara Stennes, Resources Unlimited President and DiSC Master Trainer, says, "Everything DiSC Management is a very powerful product which increases satisfaction and quality of work while facilitating an environment of great communication, with less stress. The program is also unique in its implementation. It includes six hours of customizable classroom facilitation, customizable PowerPoint with 30 vignettes of built-in contemporary video, and participant handouts, maximizing interactivity and learning."

For more information, visit

Over 30 years of experience makes Resources Unlimited the trusted source for DiSC learning tools from Inscape Publishing including DiSC profiles, DiSC training, DiSC certification, and EPIC Accounts and Credits. Visit