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DiSC Personality Types & Tests

 DiSC Personality Types
Personality Types Profile

Since the advent of psychology as a formal science, people have been interested in analyzing human behavior and personality types. This has given rise to personality testing; there are now hundreds of different personality tests, though at various levels of seriousness. Some personality tests are entertaining novelties, while others are serious instruments designed by PhDs. Probably the best known personality tests are the DiSC® profile and the Myers-Briggs test.

The DiSC® method is based on four different personality types (or behavioral styles): dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. Every person exhibits these personality types to a greater or lesser extent, and they form the foundation of the DiSC model.

  • Dominance - D's are strong-minded, strong-willed people who enjoy taking charge.
  • influence - I's are "people people." They thrive in teams and social situations.
  • Steadiness - S's prefer to work behind the scenes in consistent and predictable ways.
  • Conscientiousness - C's are sticklers for quality. They work very systematically, constantly checking and re-checking for accuracy.

No one behavioral style is best suited to every situation; rather, the four personality types have their own strengths and weaknesses. Because of this, understanding the personality types is an important aspect of good management. It facilitates communication, reduces conflict, and improves relationships. In short, learning about personality types can improve an organization's performance and employees' development.

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