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Personality Type Profile

Order the Personality Type Profile from Inscape Publishing 
Personality Type Profile

Understanding the different personality types has been an armchair hobby for centuries, but it became a more serious endeavor in the 19th century, when early psychologists sought a scientific, quantifiable way to study people's personality type.. There are now hundreds of different personality tests available, albeit at different levels of scientific rigor and seriousness. Many personality type tests are nothing more than amusing pastimes, while others are serious scientific instruments designed by leading psychologists. The two most popular personality tests are the DiSC® profile and the Myers-Briggs test.

The DiSC method is based on personality type (or behavioral style) and includes four categories: dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. Most people demonstrate one principal personality type (often exhibiting a secondary behavioral style). These four styles are the basis of the DiSC methodology.

  • Dominance - D's are strong-minded, strong-willed people who enjoy taking charge.
  • influence - I's are "people people." They thrive in teams and social situations.
  • Steadiness - S's prefer to work behind the scenes in consistent and predictable ways.
  • Conscientiousness - C's are sticklers for quality. They work very systematically, constantly checking and re-checking for accuracy.

No one personality type works best in every situation; instead, the different behavioral styles have their own strengths and weaknesses. As a result, understanding personality type is a major component of good management. It reduces conflict, improves relationships, and facilitates communication. This is why personality type testing, if implemented correctly and used properly, can have a positive impact on organizational performance and employee development.

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