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Inscape Publishing Assessments - Paper
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DiSC Classic Profile - Paper ProfileDiSC Classic Profile - Paper Profile
Our Price: $28.00

The DiSC® Classic Online 2.0 Profile is a 23-page personalized online DiSC profile from Wiley. Online DiSC Profiles also available in EPIC.

DiSC Preview - Paper ProfileDiSC Preview - Paper Profile
Our Price: $10.00

The DiSC® Preview is a paper DiSC Profile that offers a brief overview of your DiSC behavioral characteristics. C-203 from Inscape Publishing

DiSC Personal Development ProfileDiSC Personal Development Profile
Our Price: $28.00

The DiSC® Personal Development Profile®, a shorter, less detailed DiSC profile than the DiSC Classic Profile, brings DiSC to a broader range of learners. C-391 from Inscape Publishing

DiSC Role Behavior Analysis Paper ProfileDiSC Role Behavior Analysis Paper Profile
Our Price: $25.50

The DiSC® Role Behavior Analysis™ helps you determine how a role or function would be performed most effectively. C-205 from Inscape Publishing

Coping & Stress Profile - Paper AssessmentCoping & Stress Profile - Paper Assessment
Our Price: $28.00

The Coping & Stress Profile® offers insights into how stress in one life area impacts other areas, how coping resources can be used to decrease stress, and how stress, coping resources, and overall life satisfaction are all closely related. C-260 From Inscape Publishing®.

Discovering Diversity Paper ProfileDiscovering Diversity Paper Profile
Our Price: $28.00

The Discovering Diversity Profile® is a confidential and effective diversity training program designed to help employees explore diversity issues. C-298 From Inscape Publishing®

Personal Learning Insights ProfilePersonal Learning Insights Profile
Our Price: $25.50

The Personal Learning Insights Profile® helps individuals and facilitators clearly understand and communicate different learning needs, develop effective formal learning opportunities, and capitalize on informal learning across a wide range of applications. C-210 From Inscape Publishing

Personal Listening Profile - Paper AssessmentPersonal Listening Profile - Paper Assessment
Our Price: $28.00

The Personal Listening Profile® includes a 60-question survey and interpretive information to help learners improve their effective listening skills. C-317 From Inscape Publishing®