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DiSC Classic Profile 2.0
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's EPIC?

A. EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) provides a simple way to deliver profiles via the Internet. EPIC now hosts DiSC Classic 1.0, Online DiSC Classic 2.0, the DiSC 2.0 Facilitator Report and many more.

Q. What are the major differences between DiSC Classic 1.0 and DiSC Classic 2.0?

A. DiSC Classic 1.0 is basically DiSC Classic (the "Blue Profile") in an online format. DiSC Classic 2.0 answers the growing demand for a personalized report with expanded narrative. The 2.0 report adds an informal, conversational style that brings to life all the elements of the original instrument.

The stages of interpretation differ as follows:

Stage 1: Your Highest DiSC Dimension

The DiSC Classic 1.0 report presents a bulleted description and action plan for each DiSC dimension. The information is presented in a table format, with the respondent's high dimensions accentuated. The 2.0 report highlights only the respondent's high dimension or dimensions in Stage 1. The table has been moved to Section II, where it provides an at-a-glance reference to the four DiSC dimensions.

Stage 2: Your Intensity Index

The DiSC Classic 1.0 report features a chart containing 28 adjectives for each DiSC dimension. The adjectives that typically describe the respondent's behavior are highlighted. The 2.0 report contains the same chart as the original DiSC Classic report. However, it goes a step further by providing explanations for each highlighted adjective.

Stage 3: Your Classical Profile Pattern

The DiSC Classic1.0 report contains half a page of information, including a sample graph, for each of the 15 classical profile patterns. The respondent's pattern is on the first page for easy reference.

The DiSC Classic 2.0 report also provides the half-page "snapshot" of each of the 15 patterns. It also includes further description of the respondent's classical pattern, including motivation, work habits, and insights.

Q. What is the pricing for DiSC Classic 2.0?

A. DiSC Classic 2.0 is available for the same price as DiSC Classic 1.0

Q. Can I re-run my DiSC Classic 1.0 report in DiSC Classic 2.0?

A. You can generate a DiSC Classic 2.0 report using the tally box scores from DiSC Classic 1.0. Because the 2.0 is a new, value-added report, regular pricing applies.

Q. What happened to the focus option?

A. Historically, the vast majority of DiSC Classic respondents chose "work" as their response focus. Therefore, we decided to eliminate the "home" and "other" options in order to create a richer, more specific report. For the same reason, we've removed the "home" and "other" options from DiSC Classic 1.0 on EPIC. Both reports now focus exclusively on people's behavior in the workplace.

Q. How does DiSC Classic 2.0 compare to DiSC PPSS®?

A. DiSC Classic 2.0 is available online through EPIC. DiSC PPSS (Personal Profile System Software) is a software-based product (discontinued).

The DiSC 2.0 report uses a narrative style similar to that of the reports available through DiSC PPSS. However, the content of the reports is quite different. Think of the DiSC Classic 2.0 report as a DiSC Classic ("Blue Profile") report with expanded narrative. The DiSC PPSS reports cover a broad range of behavioral characteristics, including:

  • Behavioral strengths and weaknesses
  • Motivating and demotivating factors
  • Communication approach
  • Management and selling style

NOTE: The DiSC PPSS reports are now available on EPIC! You may run these with an EPIC Account.