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June 4, 2008

New DiSC Profile Increases Sales Effectiveness Forging Better Communication & Relationships

Not every customer responds well to the same sales approach. Sales professionals who learn to adapt their behavior are better able to meet their customers' needs and improve sales results. Recently, a new sales assessment was released by Inscape Publishing called Everything DiSC Sales, which is the most in-depth and easily customizable DiSC-based sales-training solution available.

Everything DiSC Sales enables sales professionals to ‘speak’ their customer’s language to tailor their approach to a given person and a given situation. One of the most powerful aspects of this new profile is the DiSC circle, which shows the relationship between two people in a straightforward, visual manner.

Salespeople will learn to understand their own DiSC sales style, identify and understand their customer’s DiSC buying style, and adapt their DiSC Sales Style to meet their customer’s needs. Additionally, the Everything DiSC Sales report includes post-training reinforcement with a personalized Customer Interaction Map.

Resources Unlimited, a premier distributor and trainer of DiSC profiles, has proven success using the Everything DiSC Sales Report. Their client, Patrick Jacobo, Director of Organizational Development at Cacique, Inc. has said, "By understanding ourselves based on our individual DiSC profile, our entire organization has been able to improve it’s stature within this very competitive category. The Everything DiSC Sales Profile has allowed our sales force to travel one crucial step further in gaining the trust of the buyers and securing the sale. We are profitable partially because of these awesome tools."

Trainers, coaches, and consultants can run Everything DiSC Sales in their EPIC Account and deliver memorable DiSC training experiences utilizing the Everything DiSC Sales Facilitator Kit.

About Resources Unlimited

Over 30 years of experience makes Resources Unlimited the trusted source for employee development offering learning tools from Inscape Publishing including DiSC profiles, DiSC training seminars, DiSC certification, EPIC Accounts, and idXready. Whether you need the resources to conduct your own employee training program, or need assistance from our professional trainers and coaches, Resources Unlimited guarantees you will get the right product to accomplish your training objectives, quickly and easily.