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Linda Houts

Linda Houts has provided training, consulting, and group facilitation to business, industry, health, and non-profit organizations for the last 20 years. Linda assists in designing strategies in creating, managing, and facilitating change and moving organizations toward an emphasis on learning and performance.

As a trainer, she focuses on the areas of communication, management development, team building, and coaching. Other topics include conflict management, time and stress management, as well as topics identified as important to change strategies.

Linda's consulting experience includes working with individuals and small groups to create strategies and plans for effective change, career development, and team building. Individual consultations focus on personal effectiveness issues, career change, management coaching, and outplacement services. Individual consultations also include using a variety of assessment tools to provide information and feedback for change and growth.

Linda has experience consulting with departments on projects that have included an organizational cultural assessment, interpretation of results and coaching for goal setting, planning, and implementation. Other areas of consultation have included customer service programs and human resources strategies.

As a facilitator, Linda has worked with groups experiencing conflicts ranging from minor differences to issues which threaten to stop any teamwork. She also facilitates groups who are trying to reach consensus, make decisions together, and conduct strategic thinking and planning.

All projects are approached as a partnership with a focus on practical solutions and strategies that come from collaboration. Clients include State of Iowa, hospitals, small businesses, for-profit, non-profit organizations, and small rural communities. Some work has included long-term relationships.

Linda has held several leadership positions with the Iowa Chapter of American Society for Training and Development, and was named Outstanding Trainer and Outstanding Member. Throughout her professional career, she has been involved in several organizations in the communities where she worked.

Before starting her consulting work, Linda was a counselor at Des Moines Area Community College and Morehead State University for 15 years. Linda completed her undergraduate work at the University of Northern Iowa and her Masters degree at Morehead State University in Kentucky.

"Linda was outstanding and provided me with extremely valuable guidance and information. I feel confident now and am excited about my upcoming staff  meeting and applying the DiSC info and concepts with my team. Thank you so much for your assistance and follow up."

Susan Rutan, Director, Account Development
American Express Global Corporate Services