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DiSC® Assessment

The DiSC assessment is a useful and popular tool for understanding people’s personalities and behavior. DiSC posits four broad types of behavior:

  • Dominance - D's value power and control. They like to get things done and move on quickly to the next obstacle.
  • influence - I's value social relationships and human interaction. They derive great satisfaction from connecting with other people.
  • Steadiness - S's value stability and predictability. They like to be team players and want everybody to get along.
  • Conscientiousness - C's value accuracy and correctness. They approach decisions or situations with precision, logic, and organization.

This is not to suggest that most people have only a single style; in fact, it's quite common for people to have two behavioral styles - a primary and a secondary. For instance, a Di combination, or CD, or CS, are all perfectly normal. Usually, people with blurred styles fall closer to the "boundaries" between their two preferred styles, and they may default to one or the other depending on the situation.

DiSC assessments provide people with an easy way to discover their own styles, and to recognize the styles of other people. Why is this important? Through self-awareness of one's own DiSC style, and more importantly by learning to recognize how other people behave, one can adapt one’s behavior to minimize conflict, improve communication, and maximize collaboration and harmony.

How is DiSC used? The original format, developed in the 1970s, was 28-question, self-scored paper pamphlet. This paper version still exists, but in the internet era, the electronic version called the DiSC 2.0 assessment has become far more popular. Completing the survey takes 15-20 minutes, and results are available instantly. One nice feature of the online version: it offers ancillary reports that provide additional feedback specifically tailored to your group. For instance, if both Person A and Person B complete the online assessment, they can generate a highly specific report that's customized to improving their working relationship. Larger groups can take advantage of a similar, bespoke report - for instance, the Accounting Department or Marketing Department. These group reports are quite powerful.

DiSC Assessment - Online

Online Assessment Profile
DiSC Assessment
Online Profile

Online DiSC Assessment Profile

DiSC Assessment Sample

DiSC Assessment: Order the DiSC Assessment Online Profile


The 23-page DiSC Assessment includes 9 pages of personalized DiSC information (motivation, work habits, and insights for you), an explanation of your highest DiSC style, the DiSC Model, general highlights of each DiSC style, and a brief explanation of all 15 possible DiSC Classical Patterns.

The DiSC Online Profile is distributed, administered, and scored electronically prior to your DiSC session, which saves valuable classroom time. The online DiSC Assessment Profile takes an average of 15 minutes to complete. Participants can view their results automatically after completing the questionnaire portion.

Online DiSC Assessment Information>>>

Paper DiSC Assessment

Paper Assessment Profile
DiSC Assessment
Paper Profile

Paper DiSC Assessment
20-Page Self-Scored DiSC Profile

DiSC Assessment: Order the DiSC Assessment Paper Profile


The original paper DiSC Assessment Profile (also known as the DiSC Classic Assessment) helps your organization build productive teams, develop effective managers, train a powerful sales force, reduce interpersonal conflict, and improve customer service. For nearly 30 years, DiSC's unique approach to learning, called DiSC Dimensions of Behavior, has unlocked the door to productive communication and relationships for over 40 million people.

The Paper DiSC Assessment Profile includes DiSC Graphs 1, 2, and 3, general highlights of each DiSC style, Intensity Index, and a brief description of all 15 DiSC Classical Profile Patterns.

Paper DiSC Assessment Information>>>

DiSC General Characteristics Report

General Characteristics Report
DiSC Assessment
General Characteristics Report

DiSC General Characteristics Report

DiSC General Characteristics Report Sample

DiSC: DiSC Assessment - Order the DiSC General Characteristics DiSC Assessment


The DiSC General Characteristics Report provides 15 pages of extensive, personal interpretation of your DiSC Profile. This valuable feedback gives you insight into your interactions with colleagues and can foster more productive, collaborative behavior.

Learn more about the DiSC General Characteristics Report >>>

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