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DiSC® Training For Managers

Our DiSC® Trainer will deliver a customized DiSC Training seminar on-site for your management team.

Resources Unlimited helps companies big and small improve employee performance through our interactive DiSC training programs, delivered by DiSC trainers with 20+ years of experience.

We'll work with you to create a personalized, interactive DiSC session for your management team that will accomplish your training objectives, guaranteed.

DiSC Training for Managers - Our DiSC Trainer Will Conduct a Customized DiSC Training Session for Your Management Team 

Why Do Organizations Use DiSC?

Organizations use DiSC in their training and coaching efforts as a performance improvement strategy. The most important benefit of the DiSC model is helping individuals understand themselves and others better.

Organizations then utilize the DiSC model to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Develop effective managers and coaches
  • Build results-producing teams
  • Improve collaboration and reduce conflict

What's Included in the DiSC Training For Managers?

Personalized DiSC Report For Managers

Prior to the DiSC training seminar for managers, each participant will receive an email with a link to our secure online response form, where they will complete a series of questions. Each respondent will receive their personalized DiSC report at the training session.

The DiSC management reports provide extensive, personalized interpretation of your DiSC profile, including motivating factors, preferred environment, behavioral tendencies in conflict, and strategies for increasing effectiveness. Through interactive exercises, your managers will learn how and when to adapt their behavior, which will improve communication, reduce conflict, and enhance individual and team performance.

Our DiSC Management Reports provide valuable feedback on behavior and suggestions for improvement. Your managers will gain insight into their behavioral tendencies in a managerial position, as well as strategies their own manager can implement to help them become more effective.

View a DiSC Management Report sample.

The DiSC Group Culture Report

Resources Unlimited will compile the data from the DiSC Management Reports to provide a comprehensive Group Culture Report. No respondent names are included, which assures anonymity and a safe jumping-off point for further exploration.

Once you know the culture of your group— its characteristics, advantages, and drawbacks — our DiSC trainer will help the team open meaningful discussions.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the group culture?
  • How does it affect members with other DiSC styles?
  • Does it influence decision-making?
  • Risk-taking?

Click here to view a sample report.

DiSC Job Aids

We may recommend additional DiSC training resources based on the needs of the group:

DiSC Training Formats

We will work with you to determine the best training format for the group.  Our most popular training formats are one-day and half-day DiSC training sessions.

Book Your DiSC Training Program For Managers

DiSC Training - Book Your DiSC Training Program for Managers Today!

We're committed to helping you align training with your organization's strategy and are eager to provide highly-qualified advice and support.

Call 515.278.1292 to speak with a customer service representative about your DiSC training needs today.

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Resources Unlimited is an authorized Inscape Publishing distributor.

DiSC® is a registered trademark of Inscape Publishing, Inc.