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DiSC® Profile from Inscape Publishing

DiSC Profile - Online DiSC Profile 2.0


Online DiSC Profile
Online DiSC Profile


Online DiSC Profile 2.0
Administered & Scored Instantly Online

DiSC Profile Sample


DiSC Profile - Order the DiSC Online Profile



The online DiSC® Profile (DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile) is the expanded, online version of the classic DiSC profile. The 23-page DiSC Profile includes 9 pages of personalized DiSC information, an explanation of your highest DiSC style, the DiSC Model, general highlights of each DiSC style, and a brief explanation of all 15 DiSC Profile Classical Patterns.

The Online DiSC Profile is distributed, administered, and scored instantly online prior to your DiSC Profile session, saving valuable time. The Online DiSC Profile takes an average of 15 minutes to complete and the DiSC Profile is generated for you online.

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Send the DiSC Profile Instantly Online
Use an EPIC Account to assign access codes for the DiSC Profile and to run DiSC Group Reports.


DiSC Profile - Paper DiSC Profile


Paper DiSC Profile
Paper DiSC Profile


Paper DiSC Profile
20-Page Self-Scored DiSC Profile


DiSC Profile - Order the DiSC Paper Profile




The original paper DiSC Profile (DiSC Classic Profile) helps your organization build productive teams, develop effective managers, train a powerful sales force, reduce interpersonal conflict, and improve customer service. For nearly 30 years, DiSC's unique approach to learning, called DiSC Dimensions of Behavior, has unlocked the door to productive communication and relationships for over 40 million people.

The paper DiSC Profile includes DiSC Graphs 1, 2, and 3, general highlights of each DiSC style, DiSC Intensity Index, and a brief description of all 15 DiSC Profile Classical Patterns.

Paper DiSC Profile Details>>>

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