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DiSC Personality Styles & Profile Tests

Since the beginning of psychology as a formal science, people have been interested in analyzing human behaviors. This has given rise to personality instruments, all at different levels of seriousness, from pure entertainment to rigorous, scientific instruments, validated by PhDs. One of the most widely known of these is the DiSC personality test.

DiSC is a model of human behavior that is designed to help individuals understanding "why they do what they do." According to this model, an individual's personality is based on four different personality types: dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. Every person exhibits these DiSC personalities to a greater or lesser extent. These personality types establish a common language to help reduce conflict and encourage better communication and understanding of one another.

  • Dominance - D's are strong - minded, strong-willed people who enjoy taking charge.
  • influence - I's are "people people" who thrive in team and social situations.
  • Steadiness - S's prefer to work behind the scenes in consistent and predictable ways.
  • Conscientiousness - C's are sticklers for quality. They work very systematically, constantly checking and re-checking for accuracy.

Many organizations use personality tests as a diagnostic tool to help begin the process of uncovering reasons for communication or productivity issues. Sometimes differences in personality are accepted by others and may even complement each other. But oftentimes, teams find that these differences may also cause confusion and frustration. The DiSC personality test will provide a framework to help employees make sense of differences so they can learn what to expect from others and develop strategies to address motivation, conflict, and communication challenges.

Once individuals have a solid understanding of their personality, they can then use this knowledge to recognize the needs of others. With insights about style, behavior, and motivation as the foundation, DiSC personality tests pave the way for a more productive, collaborative work environment.

Workplace Personality Test
DiSC Workplace
Personality Test



 Everything DiSC Workplace Personality Test


DiSC Personality Test: Buy the Online DiSC Personality Test

 Free Everything DiSC Profile Sample

Use the NEW Everything DiSC Workplace Personality Test with everyone in your organization, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of your workplace. Everything DiSC Workplace participants understand and appreciate the styles of the people they work with. The result is more effective and productive working relationships. EPIC Account clients also have UNLIMITED access to FREE Comparison Reports.

 Learn more about the Everything DiSC Workplace Personality Test >>>

Classic Online Personality Test
Online DiSC
Personality Test



 Online DiSC Classic Personality Test


DiSC Personality Test: Buy the Online DiSC Personality Test

 Free DiSC Personality Test Sample

The Online DiSC Personality Test takes an average of 15 minutes to complete and is distributed, administered, and scored electronically.

The online DiSC Personality Test (the DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile) is the expanded, online version of the DiSC Classic Paper Personality Test. The 23-page DiSC Personality Test includes 9 pages of personalized DiSC information (motivation, work habits, and insights for you), an explanation of your highest DiSC style, the DiSC Model, general highlights of each DiSC style, and a brief explanation of all the DiSC Classical Patterns.

Learn more about the Online DiSC Personality Test >>>

Classic Paper Personality Test
Paper DiSC
Personality Test



Paper DiSC Classic Personality Test


DiSC Personality Test - Order the DiSC Personality Test

20-Page Self-Scored DiSC Personality Test

The original paper DiSC Personality Test (DiSC Classic Profile) helps your organization build productive teams, develop effective managers, train a powerful sales force, reduce interpersonal conflict, and improve customer service. The paper DiSC Personality Test includes DiSC Graphs 1, 2, and 3, general highlights of each DiSC style, Intensity Index, and a brief description of all 15 DiSC Classical Profile Patterns.

Learn more about the Paper DiSC Personality Test >>>

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