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How to Effectively Use DiSC® for the Pre-Hiring Process

Many people choose to only use the DiSC® General Characteristics Report for hiring. When you use only DiSC, you have profiled the individual, but not the ROLE.

“We know that quality hires may lead to our next blockbuster discovery, the next innovation in our manufacturing process or a breakthrough in sales for the company."
—Michael Moretti, Amgen. (HR.Communication)

DiSC: How to Successfully Use DiSC Assessments for the Pre-Hiring Process

It is often assumed that high D behavior is needed for a managerial position, or that a high I is best suited for a sales position for instance; it is important to note, however, that a role may vary from one organization to another based on different needs and behavioral expectations.

These differences may be due to the type of product, customers, or how the company would like to be perceived in the marketplace. Therefore, it is important to conduct an in-depth analysis on the role before beginning the interviewing process.

Resources Unlimited Recommends Using the Following DiSC Profiles and Methods to Conduct the Best Pre-Hiring Process Possible:

Purchase EPIC Credits to create DiSC Hiring Reports:

1)  The DiSC Role Behavior Analysis allows you to profile the job or role, and tells you how the role needs to be performed regardless of who is performing the role. Depending on your priorities, you can profile a part of a job, such as coach, as part of a broader role of manager, or complete the assessment for the role of manager.
View a DiSC Role Behavior Analysis sample.

5 EPIC credits each. 1 analysis is needed per position or role.

2)  The DiSC General Characteristics Report is an in-depth personal behavior assessment. By administering the General Characteristics Report to potential employees, you will obtain a broad range of the individual’s behavioral characteristics, including behavioral strengths and weaknesses, motivating and demotivating factors, and management and selling styles. 1 report is needed per candidate.
View a DiSC General Characteristics Report sample.

15 credits each. 4 additional credits per add-on report (related to team building, sales, or management).

3)  Comparison Reports assess how well the participant’s behaviors match the requirements of the role.
View a DiSC Comparison Report sample

5 EPIC credits each. 1 report is needed per candidate.

4) Optional Report: Comparison of Multiple Individuals: Analyzes the behavioral styles of two or more respondents.
View a DiSC Comparison of Multiple Individuals sample.

5 EPIC credits each. 1 report is needed per position or role.

Purchase EPIC Credits to create DiSC Hiring Reports:

The General Characteristics Report paired with the Role Behavior Analysis provides tools to help you identify specific behaviors needed for a role or position. This combination of DiSC reports will result in a more objective evaluation of the job fit and an improved hiring process. As a result, the information you use to make your hiring decision will be based on data and insight, not just your “gut reaction.” By defining expectations in advance, you will better understand how the employee can perform the role most effectively.

“The companies that are most likely to succeed are the ones that spend the most energy on attracting, developing, and retaining talent.” —Charles Fishman (Fast Company)

Most Effective Methods for Using the Role Behavior Analysis, DiSC General Characteristics Report and Comparison Reports in the Pre-Hiring Process

  • Have the hiring manager, supervisor over the specified role, and/or an employee who is already successful in this role complete the Role Behavior Analysis.
  • If several people complete the Role Behavior Analysis, discuss your differences and similarities to reach consensus and clarity about what you want for the position.
  • Administer the DiSC profile to your final candidates and run a comparison of their DiSC report with the Role Behavior Analysis.
    • This comparison will identify areas of “fit” which are behaviors that indicate similar needs for the position; “stretch” which indicates that the job needs more behaviors than are preferences for the applicant; and, “over use” or “redirect” which are behaviors that indicate the job requires less than are natural for the applicant.
  • During the interview, you may use the coaching questions found in the Role Behavior Analysis that reflect your expectations and needs for the role.
    • As you assess the applicant, you may decide that they are strong technically, but by including the Role Behavior Analysis comparison you better understand what kind of fit there is between the applicant and the role.
    • If the fit requires a stretch, the interpretation gives you clues about how you may need to monitor for coaching, training, and mentoring opportunities.

“HR professionals are facing the tightest labor market in 40 years, making it more important than ever to attract, hire, and retain the right employees.” —Steve Polluck (

The comparison of role behavior and individual DiSC behavior provides a more in-depth analysis of how the candidate will fit into his or her role. Information you obtain from the Role Behavior Analysis enables you to ask more focused questions during the interview process because you are more aware of the behavior and the skills needed to perform the role well. The more you plan up front, the easier the process is, and the higher likelihood to get the right candidate the first time.


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