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July 19-20
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What is DiSC?

DiSC® is a model of human behavior that helps people understand “why they do what they do.” The DiSC dimensions of behavior (Dominance, influencing, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness) make up the DiSC model and interact with other factors to describe the typical behavioral styles of individuals.

Organizations worldwide have embraced the language of DiSC to pave the way for successful training, coaching, and consulting applications.

Originally created by Dr. William Marston at Columbia University and researched and updated by Dr. John Geier and Inscape Publishing at the University of Minnesota, the model and its training assessments have helped over 35 million people in 25+ languages over the last 40 years.

What Do You Need to Get Started

1. One Profile for Each Person

Everything DiSC Profiles

This profile represents the next generation of Profiles from Inscape Publishing.

These all-new application-specific Profiles utilize the Map, a circular representation that provides more precision about a participant’s true DiSC style, and makes the model more intuitive and memorable.


Learn about the NEW, Customizable Everything DiSC Profiles:

Classic Profiles

Our best-selling Profiles-used by thousands of organizations worldwide.

Throughout the years, many clients have moved from the original Classic Paper Profile to the electronically scored Online Classic 2.0 Profile or General Characteristics Report, which saves classroom time and offers a more personalized version to respondents.

Learn about the popular, original DiSC Classic Profiles:

2. EPIC Account

DiSC facilitators who plan to use Everything DiSC Profiles or  Classic Online Profiles on a regular basis, and would like to run Group Reports and Comparison Reports, will save time and money with a FREE EPIC Account.

Clients love having 24/7 access to Online Profiles and all of the Inscape Publishing online assessments. View a complete list of EPIC profiles.

   FREE EPIC Account

3. DiSC Facilitation System

You are not required to purchase a Facilitation System, but we recommend it to ensure you have the information and tools you need to create custom-designed solutions. Each Facilitation System includes PowerPoints, Video, Participant Handouts, DiSC training outlines, and fully-scripted seminars.

4. DiSC Certification

We recommend that trainers attend one of our certifications to experience in-depth training that will enable you to be confident and competent when using Profiles and Facilitation Materials.

We offer face-to-face DiSC Certifications in Minneapolis, as well as fully-customized in-house Certifications at your location.

Our virtual Certifications eliminate the time and expense of travel. This blended learning approach is just as effective as face-to-face training, and allows you to get the training you need quickly.

Each of our DiSC Certifications include the corresponding Facilitation System.

Start Today!

Call 800.278.1292 to get started with DiSC or click to tell us about your needs.

"Thank you, Barbara, for making DiSC available to us. It is truly one of the most useful tools we have for improving communication and providing a springboard for one on one coaching."

Janice Weekes, Manager of Professional Development
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

 Questions About Profiles?

Call experts at 800.278.1292 for assistance or to buy DiSC Profiles by phone.