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Meet Resources Unlimited CEO and President, Barbara Stennes @ ASTD

You’re on Your Own--Now What? Challenges Facing Independent Consultants

Date & Time: Monday, 06/01/2009, 12:30- 1:45 pm
Session #: M122
Format: Panel Discussion

Being an expert in training and coaching is only part of the challenge. There’s also the challenge of running your own business. But don’t worry. You don’t have to have an MBA to build a successful business. The profile of a successful consultant has changed drastically, affecting the way consultants think about business and define success.

Based on 15 years' experience working with independent consultants, Julie Straw moderates a panel of experts, highlighting how successful consultants have overcome common challenges to build extraordinary businesses. This panel of successful independent consultants gives you an inside look at what it’s really like to be your own boss and be a small business owner. They focus on common challenges, including finding a work-life balance, establishing your brand, finding and developing new business, and how to make smart business decisions. Whether you’re thinking about becoming a consultant, or are simply looking for ways to boost your business to the next level, this session provides you with concrete, actionable tips to speed up your path to success.

Learning Objectives
Examine the four most common challenges facing independent consultants and trainers. Assess individual challenges you currently face and anticipate future challenges. Develop an action-plan to overcome your own challenges.

Each panelist will have an opportunity to respond to the following questions:

  • As a small business owner, how do you prevent your work from being a 24/7 job?
  • How do you find your work-life balance?
  • How do you compete with large companies who have seemingly limitless resources?
  • How can you make yourself standout?
  • How do you work on growing your business while still taking care of day-to-day demands and existing clients?
  • How do you plan for a complete business life-cycle, including your exit strategy?
  • What are the top three vendor relationships that are critical to your business?
  • Have your challenges changed as your business matures?

An audience Q&A will follow and the moderator will lead participants through a personalized action-planning exercise.

ASTD 2009 International Conference and Exposition


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